Oh Hey!

Oh my, oh my, it is good to be back here, but it feels a little strange. I haven't taken a two week break from blogging in what feels like eons and it felt wrong, but so, so good to not feel pressure to put out a post. We've been in the new house for just about two weeks now and it is UNBELIEVABLE how much work there is to do to get settled in. While we were in temp housing, it felt like we were in some sort of time warp where there really wasn't all that much to do. Everything was either A) taken care of for us (utilities, cleaning ---> MAIDS DESERVE A SPECIAL PLACE IN HEAVEN, fixing anything that's broken), or B) we couldn't do yet because we didn't have a permanent address/didn't own it (drivers licenses, banking, license plates, changing our address on every account ever in all of time.)

While the to-do list has been MILES long over the past five months since this move started, it's nothing compared to what I'm looking at now. It. is. endless. Some of it's necessary and super-time sensitive, and some of it's self-imposed, but right now it all just feels so very overwhelming. I know many of you want to see the house, but honestly, it's all just boxes and clutter and random furniture, and blank, boring, yet oh so beautiful white walls. (And white trim! Eeeek! Be still my tiny, rapidly beating heart! I finally have my white trim!)

When we got this place, it was DIRTY, like disgusting, how-do-people-live-like-this-and-tell-me-again-why-we-bought-this-dump? dirty. But then we had all the walls/trim/doors painted and put new carpet in the upstairs and it basically feels like a brand new house, besides the gnarly stucco and florescent lit basement, and terribly unfortunate bathroom upstairs. I can let the basement go, but I keep trying to figure out a way to convince Mike to let me redo the bathroom - because I don't know, I think my teeth literally might be cleaner if I wasn't brushing them over a counter that looks exactly like vomit. Still working on him - I'll report back if I find success.

Currently I am deep, DEEP in the internet searching for priority number uno: lighting and curtains. We pretty much live in a fishbowl, one that is lit by the ugliest lighting in all the land. While we brought most of our fixtures from the old house, we still need a few more in bathrooms, hallways, the entry and kitchen. And curtains - oh goodness, whyyyyyy is it so hard? We removed all the old ones from the house because they were disgusting - so the kids have garbage bags over their windows, but Mike and I's room is totally bare, which means I'm waking at 5 a.m. with the sun contemplating if I can crawl into Eli's dark cave without raising the bear. (If you're wondering why we don't cover ours, that's when Mike wakes up, and having it light and bright makes it easier for him, obvi.)

Lately, the days have been spent with Eli and I all over the house, cleaning, unpacking, organizing, reorganizing, cleaning, reorganizing, reorganizing, cleaning and reorganizing. And then probably reorganizing again. It's pretty much, get everything to the right room, then to the right area of the room, then to the right spot in the room, then realizing there isn't enough room in the room and having to find a new place for it. Along the way I'm building lists upon lists of things we need to buy, things we need to call someone to do and things we need to fix.

Eli walks around saying one of three things as we enter a room:

  1. "Oh man. Wow momma. It's icky. Lots of work to do in here. Add to list!"
  2. "Momma can't fix it. Daddy probably fix it. Mr. Paul (our contractor) fix it?" (Apparently I have led Eli to believe these delicate hands of mine are only made for organizing and cleaning. They also cannot change batteries, much to his frustration.)
  3. "Probably .... we should clean it. No. Probably ... we should paint it." 
Our evenings are spent on more projects that I need Mike's help with, or moving around stuff with him that I can't carry on my own, making appointments, doing paperwork and searching the wild wild web to make this place a home. 

I have tons of DIY projects swimming around in my head and am constantly contemplating the color of couch I should search for, what kind of storage bins we need, or where to hang a gallery wall. Although our walls are so pretty and perfect, because  ---> DRYWALL. Since they are so much better than the plaster we had at Oakland Avenue I'm having the hardest time even thinking about driving a nail into their perfection. Gah, not sure if I'll have it in me. Wait, who am I kidding, of course I will. After I initiate the first one, I'll heartlessly do it a billion and one times with glee.

Colette is finally, FINALLY sleeping so much better (Just in the past two weeks, knock on wood it continues. It won't. Let's be honest, her whole goal in life is to get our hopes up then shoot them viciously down while looking like an adorable little innocent pixie fairy baby.) so I'm thankful to be a bit more rested as we start the last, yet longest leg of this journey. I'm hoping to spend a bit more time here, but I'll be honest, it might be spotty as it's pretty busy trying to get our life in order. BUT I do have a handful of giveaways coming up that I'll be pushing out, all nearly right in a row. I don't love doing it that way, but it was one of those when it rains it pours, and when we were in temp housing, I was all like, SURE! I'll commit to anything! I have nothing to do! (Again, because of the awesome MAID. I will forever look fondly at her memory.) I wasn't even thinking ahead to what life might be like, once we got into the house. I also have a couple monthly updates for Colette to get out - she's FIVE months old, can you even believe it? You probably can. Sorry. But I can't. Holy crap have things changed so much since that little girl brought the hammer on New Years Eve.

And with that, I'd better sign off, back to the grind I go. If you do want more frequent updates with what we're up to - follow along on Instagram (@laurawifler), that's where the pic above of Colette's big smile is from, or Facebook. I check in on those two platforms quite a bit more frequently. 


  1. Kristin BjorklundMay 27, 2015 at 1:32 PM

    Thanks for the update!! Been thinking of you!!