Colette - 5 Month Update

Naps: Two to three naps a day. One, two hour in the morning; one two to three hour in the afternoon and a short 1/2 hour in the evening.
Feeding: Formula. Four 6 oz. bottles every four hours during the day, and one 3 oz bottle at 10 p.m.
Clothing: Three, six and nine month, depending on the item
Bedtime: 6:30 - 7 p.m.

Colic/Reflux Update: This girl is completely unpredictable - she doing AMAZING this month, but I have no expectations for how long it will last. She is SO happy and normal - well, better than normal, she's crazy easy, even easier than Eli was at this stage - WHAT. Plus, we were able to take her from 3 ml of Ranitidine a day down to 2 ml a day mid-way through the month with no problems. We now give 1 ml to her when she wakes (around 7 a.m.) and one at bedtime (around 7 p.m.) I hesitate to say it, but it really seems like the colic is clearing up and the reflux is going away - although there is so much of me that is telling myself not to believe it so I don't get my hopes up!

Eating: Long story, super short: I'm no longer breastfeeding Colette. I stopped last Friday and haven't looked back. She was rapidly losing weight at each of her monthly appointments - and as I mentioned in my last update - was crazy fussy at four months for reasons I couldn't really figure out. When the doctor asked me how breastfeeding was going, I told him I thought it was going well. Colette loved to nurse, it didn't hurt, it was easy for us. But he suggested supplementing, "just to see what happened."  

Maybe it was due to the stress of everything we've been through, or maybe because for the first three months of her life she didn't eat for eight hours straight and so I never established a great supply, or maybe it was one of the other billions of reasons breastfeeding doesn't work out for moms, but the day I started supplementing with formula, Colette was happy as a clam and slept like a rock star. Three weeks later, I quit nursing all together. I couldn't do what I did last time - one foot out, one foot in. There's part of me that's sad about it, I wanted it to work, I really did. I mean I literally nursed while I signed the closing papers on our new house I was so committed to "feeding on demand" and making it work, but sometimes, it's just not meant to be. Maybe I'll write about it more, maybe I won't - right now, I honestly just don't want to think about it and I'm totally okay with that. 

Pretty quickly, I was able to get Colette on the same four hour schedule Eli was on at this age. She takes four 6 oz bottles during the day (7 a.m., 11 a.m., 3 p.m., 7 p.m.), but she does still take a 10 p.m. "dream feed" of 3 oz, that I'm just starting to think about dropping. 

Since I introduced formula, Colette has become a great sleeper. She takes two, two hour naps (sometimes even three hours!) a day, and one quick 1/2-1 hour nap before bed. We typically wake her for the 10 p.m. feed (low lights, no talking, no diaper change, just quietly give her the bottle) and then put her immediately back to bed. She usually wakes around 7 a.m., but there have been some mornings she'll go until 8 a.m. Sometimes she does wake around 5 a.m., but usually she's either talking for about 10 minutes and goes back down, or she'll cry for just a couple minutes and fall back asleep. It's weird and I hope it stops soon.

It is getting more difficult for her to sleep in her car seat, which makes going out and about in the morning much more difficult, so I have a feeling I'll be in "nap jail" pretty soon, but that's okay, because sleep is ALWAYS worth it. I have found that the sling works well when she's super tired, often she'll take a quick cat nap in it and then be ready to go for a little longer, or she'll at least be content in it. We went to a wedding few weeks ago and I assumed she'd just sleep in the sling when it got near bedtime - nope, that girl stayed wide awake for two hours, just hanging out in the sling with her big eyes wide open. She didn't cry once - just watched all the action from her little perch. On the way home, I expected to pay for our actions, but she fell right to sleep - I was shocked!

This month, I finally felt like I started to get to know who Colette is. Not just because she's getting older and more of her personality is developing, but mostly because I actually got to enjoy that personality because she wasn't crying! This month, I felt like she really started to feel more like a baby, rather than a newborn. She started getting a lot stronger, she loves to sit in the bumbo and watch everything going on and can make it in there for about 10 minutes before she starts to slump over. She also started hanging out in a Johnny Jump Up with extra support from a few blankets - she doesn't really do much, but Eli likes to go over there and "help" her jump and sorta swing her around with me yelling, "Gently Eli, GENTLY!" the entire time. I let him do it because Colette seems to like it, she always gets this huge grin on her face as she's being swung around. 

It's also fun to see Colette respond to us so much more. She turns her head when I speak and makes eye contact immediately, she laughs at pretty much anything - I mean, I just have to say her nickname, "Coco!" kinda louder than I normally and she giggles. She's an easy sell. She also gets on lots of monologues, often she'll be really quiet for a long time, then just start talking for 10 minutes straight - looking right at you with the most serious expression on her face. She can nearly completely roll over from back to front, usually she's reaching for a toy or trying to see Eli. She still tends to enjoy just falling asleep on her tummy, rather than attempting to roll over. She's way more grabby this month too - I can't even open the mail in front of her without having the papers ripped off from her crazy fingers and sent straight to her mouth.
This month, she finally has enough dexterity to hold a toy and chew on it in her mouth for a while, so she has begun a quick love affair with Sophie the Giraffe. Eli never really took to it, so I'm glad to see one kid taking to the expensive toy. She also loves to be tossed in the air, tickled, held upside-down and just generally doing anything a little rough/crazy. She'll be fussing and all I have to do is give her a little toss and she starts cry/laughing and eventually laughing all the way, it's both awesome and terrifying to have a child like that. She also still really likes her carseat, the sling and baths, oh the baths. I think she'd stay in a bath all morning if I let her. 

Colette is not a fan of being in one position for too long, so she's on a constant rotation of being held/tummy/Bumbo/jumper/sling/play mat when she's awake. I feel like I just go through a checklist each time she's awake of the same five "activities."  She's still crazy strict with us about bottle temperature and this girl is NOT a fan of pear juice. She had some issues with constipation when we added formula to her diet, so I was giving her some diluted pear juice to keep things moving, and she would make the most disgusted face and let it dribble down the side of her mouth, avoiding swallowing it at all cost. Which is so weird because she takes her Ranitidine just fine - and that stuff is TERRIBLE. 

Momma/Daddy Update:
This was a great month for us - obviously, Colette's temperament plays a huge part in how each moth goes, and with her being, well, pretty much a dream baby, it was a great month. Honestly, Colette was just so much fun to hang out with and care for, I just wanted to spend all my time with her! There were a few weeks there while I was supplementing/pumping/weaning where I felt stretched with time quite a bit, but once I totally threw in the towel on nursing, I gained A LOT of freedom. Stopping nursing was the only "emotional" thing this month, but honestly, it wasn't even that big of deal - I'm sorta waiting to see if it'll bug me down the road or not, but for now, I'm enjoying the indifference. 

With Colette on a four hour schedule, I felt like the kids and I were able to get into a good rhythm and I was able to get at least one hour of overlapping naptime (sometimes 2 hours!) each day, which was huge for being able to get things done in the new house and just stay sane. We also sent her off to nursery at a church we're trying out for the first time this month, and that was a great break too - and honestly, made a difference in even how much we were able to enjoy "church shopping." 

It's also been just so fun to watch the relationship between Eli and Colette develop. Obviously, she loves it anytime Eli gets into her line of vision, and Eli has taken a lot more interest in her - wanting to "feed" her, letting me know when she has a "Big poop!" and attempting to help me put on a new diaper, making sure she has toys at all times, or just generally letting me know what Colette needs - because he can read her mind you know. Siblings are the best. 


  1. yay for happy babies! she is so stinkin gorgeous too. great job having a healthy attitude about switching over to formula. i'm not sure i could have handled it so well. my little dude just hit 4 months last week so i love collete's updates because they give me a sneak peek of what jude may start doing the next month :)

  2. Yay for formula being successful! I didn't produce enough with either of my boys and I'm contemplating not even trying BF this time around....but there's a little bit of guilt with that too even though I'm very pro formula!

  3. I have a friend that's going that route with her third! Sometimes, it's just not worth it, but you can't go wrong, either way!

  4. Thanks Valerie! I know, I love reading people's updates too! And no worries, I wasn't nearly as cool or calm when I stopped BFing Eli. I was a hot mess to be honest. I definitely think it's a "baby two" thing. :)