"Here, Just Little More Water" + Water Table Giveaway!

These days, I am all about figuring out good ways for the kids to be near me, but be happy without me so I can get some work done as we get settled into our new house. The warm weather helps a ton - why is is that kids always seem happier doing, oh I don't know, ANYTHING, when they're outside? 

Here's Colette, absolutely loving tummy time, just because she's outside: 
And if you add water? Oh my word, a toddler is happy and kind and not fussy, for like, a 1/2 hour - which is basically a 1/2 day in mom-time. And this summer, Eli is loving his new water table from Little Tikes - last year I just used a bucket and some plastic cups, so this is a major upgrade for the kid. 
His favorite thing is either A) shooting the plastic "water animals" (fish/turtle/frog/etc.) off the catapult as far as he can.

Or B) scooping up the water and watering the flower pots. He helped me plant some flowers last week and is obsessed with watching them grow into "big boys." He tells them, "Here, just little more water. There. Grow into big boy! There." And goes slowly back and forth, back and forth from the backyard to the deck and up three stairs to water them - which is a long journey for a two year old trying to balance a cup of water! 

His little watering missions give me plenty to time to work on the house - like spray paint our sliding door handles (Don't worry, I was far away from the kids and down wind of them.) or do other projects that I can bring outside - totally worth the soaked shirt and shorts, am I right?

And today, I'm super excited to be giving away one of these water tables to one of you and your kiddos, so you can get some stuff done (or take a nap in the yard, both are very productive options for a mom, mind you). I'll announce the winner right back here next Monday, June 15. Just enter using the widget below!
*This giveaway is now closed. The winner of the giveaway is Kaylee Wilson. Kaylee, check your email to claim your prize!

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