Bless This House

I'm not sure where I heard about it the first time, the idea to walk a house and pray over each room, blessing the work the floors, the walls, the closets will do. Blessing its future. Blessing its people. But I think it's a good idea so I wander the house, walking from room to room, thinking, dreaming and praying.

I'm here alone - a rare treat to not have the kids in tow as I check on the house. It's three weeks until we move in, three weeks until this place is (for the most part) finished with its transformation, becoming barely recognizable from the house it was before.

As I walk, I think. What will happen in this house? What will it see while we live here? What will it be about? What will it know? What will it be known for?

Bless this house.

I imagine Colette will learn to walk here. Eli will learn to use the big boy potty. And I will learn the best flowers to plant in shade.

I walk through the kitchen and I pray the island is filled with crumbs and spills and flour dustings, as giggles and questions fill the room and the children learn to bake cookies and enchiladas and their grandma's famous granola. I pray that the kids not only learn to cook and bake in this kitchen, but that they also learn the value of meal, it is not just for nourishment, but for conversation and connection.

I see the dining room and imagine a long buffet filled with food against the wall. The table is set not only with my china dishes, but with colorful plastic dishes as well. I pray this room is used to feed not just our family, but our friends, neighbors, aunts, uncles and cousins. I pray it is full the majority of the time, that our table and home would be a welcoming place for expected and unexpected guest, at any and all hours of the day.

I walk through the living room and pray our family learns what it means to love each other unconditionally here. To share their toys, work out their imaginations and deepen their bond. I pray for plays on the fireplace hearth, ruckus tickle fights and wrestling matches on the rug, and massively intense games of "hot lava" on the furniture. I pray for conflict resolution, and the tears that will inevitably spill - and I pray for wisdom as I learn to sort it all out. I pray for late night conversations with my husband and date nights on the couch after the kids have gone to bed, filled with hopes, dreams and love.

I head upstairs and walk through the bedrooms, imagining the day when the cribs are gone and everyone is in a "big kid" bed. I pray for bedtime conversations, middle of the night wakings and mid-day naps.

Bless this house.

I pray that this house would be known for being open and approachable, comfortable and giving. It would be open handed and generous, flexible and welcoming. I pray that in this house, friends and family would be a common sight. That every room and item in the house would work hard for our family and guests, that it would foster wise decisions and exciting futures.

Bless this house.

I wonder what this house will see. Will it see Colette's first day of kindergarten? Or Eli loose his first baby tooth? Will it see my babies learn to count to 100 and write their own names - and probably my biggest and most hope-filled ask - will it see them come to love Jesus?  Will this house see the adoptions we've been praying and hoping for for so long? Or will it see another unexpected pregnancy? What happiness, excitement and joys will it be apart of? What pain, sorrow and sadness will it endure?

Bless this house.

It is both a wonderful and terrifying thing to imagine what might happen while we call this house our home. "The possibilities are endless," as they say, and I'm not sure what to think as I close the door behind me and walk out to my car. All I know is I pray that God blesses this house.

Bless it Lord. Please, I beg you, bless it.

*Photo of our entryway in progress, snapped this morning after about two months of living here and a billion gallons of paint. 


  1. It looks beautiful! I can't wait to see more photos. We did a "pray-through" of our house, and it was more of a dedication of the space to Him and to things that would glorify Him. Love it!

  2. Stephanie @loveolympiajune.bloJuly 20, 2015 at 8:07 PM

    Love this post! We moved in to our new home last year and although I never did a room to room blessing, I think that is a great idea. May you have many wonderful memories there!!