Colette - Six Month Update

Naps: Three naps a day. One, two to three hour in the morning; one two to three hour in the afternoon and a short 1/2 hour in the evening.
Feeding: Formula. Four 6 -7 oz. bottles every four hours during the day.
Clothing: Six and nine month.
Bedtime: 6:30 - 7 p.m.

Colic/Reflux Update: 
Colette is doing amazing with her colic and reflux. I'm finally confident enough to say that she is completely over the colic. As for the reflux, she still takes 2 ml a day of medication, 1 ml when she wakes (around 7 a.m.) and one at bedtime (around 7 p.m.) I did try to wean her from another ml towards the end of the month, but it didn't go well, so I'm keeping her on her current dosage because she's so happy with it. I'm thankful we seem to be through the worst of it! 

This month we had two big milestones, we dropped the night feeding - HALLELUJAH! - and started Baby Led Weaning (BLW). At the beginning of the month Colette was still taking 3 oz during her 10 p.m. dream feed, so I slowly worked to have her drop it throughout the month. I gave her .5 oz less every three days, and within a couple of weeks we completely eliminated it with NO CRYING. It was amazing. She now eats just four times a day, when she wakes (anywhere between 7-9 a.m.), and then every four-ish hours after that first feed. She's super flexible, so it's nice that I can let her sleep as long as she wants and then start her routine from there. 

As I mentioned, we also started solids this month, and I went with BLW since it worked so well for us with Eli. I'll admit though, I'm much less "excited" to clean up the mess with the second child. Not that I was excited before, but with the first baby, everything was just a little more "No problem!" then when you have two children to clean up after, you know? I started her with avocado, bananas, sweet potatoes and peaches and so far, she's loved them all. But by far her favorite things to eat are ribs. For some reason, we've had ribs a few times over this past month (Weird, cause we hardly ever eat them.) but she just LOVES to suck on one - I'm thinking the bone feels good on her gums.  I really only feed her once a day, she has dinner each night with us, and sometimes breakfast with Eli and I, but only if she's up while we're already eating. 

SHE NOW SLEEPS 12 - 15 HOURS STRAIGHT A NIGHT, PEOPLE. Holy. It's amazing. I feel like a new woman having no night wakings in there! Of course, sometimes she'll randomly wake and talk for a few minutes every once in a while, but overall, she's completely silent in there ALL night. I don't think I've gone to her once since we dropped the dream feed. In addition she became a great napper as her night sleep improved, and she's taken naps up to four hours at a time! Mostly they're about 2-3 hours though, and it's awesome. I know, I'm blessed, but at the same time, I think I paid for it in spades the first four months of her life. So sorry, NOT SORRY. 

LOTS has changed this month. She now rolls over all the time, in both directions. I can barely keep her on a huge quilt she moves around so much - I have to constantly go over and reposition her in the middle before she rolls herself off. She loves the Bumbo and will stay in it for a REALLY long time. She can sit up on her own for maybe a couple of seconds, not really very long, but she's getting stronger! It's also been fun to see her start to recognize people, when Mike comes home she starts waving her arms all over the place and heavy breathing, sometimes even giggling just at the sight of him. She of course loves to watch Eli and often, I'll find her watching him while smiling - he has no clue how much she adores him! She's getting better all the time at grabbing things and bringing them to her mouth, she particularly loves to suck on her feet - it's the most adorable thing!

Likes / Dislikes: 
She still loves the Johnny Jump Up, and she can get pretty intense about it - jumping crazy hard with LOTS of heavy breathing. We also put her in the backyard swing this month with support from a blanket and she just adores it. She can stay in there for 20 minutes at a time - basically until Eli gets too impatient and sick of "helping" me push her because it's "Eli's turn." She still loves to be held and snuggled with and worn in the sling - it's really fun to have a snuggly baby since Eli wasn't really like that at all. 

She loves walks too, but I think that's mostly because she gets a front row seat to watch Eli and all his antics in our stroller. She's still a bit of a daredevil, and getting thrown/tossed/gently roughhoused is her favorite thing to do. By far her favorite activity is still a bath, just like it's been since day one. But coming in at a close second might be when I go to get her from naps/in the mornings. She just starts to shake and wave her arms and go, well, as crazy as a little baby can possibly be - it's the most adorable thing I've ever seen. She is still incredibly picky about bottle temperature, but that's the only dislike I can think of. She's so agreeable these days, hardly anything rattles her. One thing I love is that when she has the perfect temp bottle, she'll eat with her hand over her eyes, it's like she just really wants to enjoy the taste and block everything else out.

Momma / Daddy Update: 
This girl. It's funny, because when she was first born, we had a really strained relationship. I had a really hard time FEELING the love, I loved her of course, but as the colic worsened and life chaos ensued, I just had a really hard time enjoying her. But now. Oh now. I am obsessed with my daughter. There's just something about her. She's probably the sweetest baby that has ever existed. She just - muah! - no words can express how my heart completely EXPLODES when I think about her. I think a lot of it is just how hard it all was when she first arrived, but it's also something more. There's just something about her that will melt even the coldest heart. She laughs easily, smiles easily, is cuter than a Labrador puppy and she just brightens my day every time I even think about her. Mike constantly looks at her and asks me, "Have you ever seen a more beautiful baby?" And before I can even answer he says, "I didn't think so." He's adamant that she's cuter than Eli was at this age, but I don't know, I can't say, Eli was pretty darn cute to me too - but I think it's adorable that she already has Mike wrapped around that tiny little pinky of hers. Things are so good here. We're in a great rhythm and I honestly could have never predicted how wonderful Colette would turn out to be. She's better than I could have imagined and truly has become such an easy baby. I'm so thankful for her!


  1. and again I fever age. give me a hundred 6-10 month olds!!! xoxoxoxoxo

  2. she is hands down the cutest baby girl i've ever seen. we just started solids over here too! so far just bananas & sweet potatoes but the sweet potatoes are the reigning champs by far in terms of being his favorite. avocados are next on the list!