Give Them Jesus, Momma

Yes, momma, today has been a hard day. Terrible. Awful. One for the books. But that doesn't really change anything. Your purpose, your goal, your mission - is still the same. Remember. On these dark days - the days when you just want to cry in the corner or sit in an empty bathtub fully clothed and stare at the tile - when the task of mothering and life is so heavy, so burdensome, so frustrating you just want to walk out the door and let them raise themselves, remember: Grace upon grace.

Give them Jesus, momma.

Today of all days you need to remember. Because today is the day that you can no longer see the light. It is the day where you feel swallowed by the darkness and some of you - much of you - wants to give in and just let it sweep you away. It is the day you feel a physical ache in your chest, your muscles, your bones, your core, because of all the questions, changes and responsibility. And so today is the day you must repeat this sentence to yourself over and over again: Give them Jesus.

You love Him - more than anything. You say that on the good days, now you must believe that on the bad days.

Give them Jesus.

So pick yourself up. Stand up straight on your wobbly legs, and do the next thing. Tomorrow is a new day and with it light will come. Remember and believe. And even when you're not sure you believe anymore, do it anyway - because it is true what they say, it is always darkest before the dawn.

Give them Jesus, momma.

Grace upon grace.


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