Colette - Seven Month Update

Naps: Three naps a day. One, two to three hour in the morning; one two to three hour in the afternoon and a short 1/2 hour in the evening.
Feeding: Formula. Four 5 -7 oz. bottles every four hours during the day.
Clothing: Six and nine month.
Bedtime: 6:30 - 7 p.m.

Colic/Reflux Update: For next month, I'm switching this to say just "reflux update" - yay! I'm sure she's completely over the colic and she seems super happy on 2 ml a day of her reflux medication. She takes 1 ml in the morning and one before bed. She is so happy, all the time, it's crazy to think that this wonderful, peaceful, content little girl was in there the entire time!

Torticollis: A month or two ago after Colette was born, we found out she has Torticollis. Infant Torticollis is when a baby has difficultly in turning their neck and/or has a head that tilts. It's common in infants, typically due to positioning in the womb or a difficult childbirth. Likely it was a bit of both for Colette, as she was OP in the womb, and while I definitely wouldn't categorize her birth as "difficult" compared to my first, there were a lot of crazy things going on to turn her, so much of that may have impacted the condition. 

I brought it up with my doctors multiple times at each of her monthly checkups, but was repeatedly told her case "wasn't that bad," and would clear up on its own. Instead, it continued to get worse, and this month, we were referred to start physical therapy for her. (I learned my lesson with Eli's eyes, so now I'm that annoying mom that if I see ANYTHING out of the norm, I'm all over it and won't let a doctor ignore it.)  Most of the PT can be done at home, and we now have multiple head and neck stretches we complete with her each day to help her neck straighten out. (They recommend at least five times a day.) 

Just a week or two after starting the stretching, we noticed a marked difference, and part of that may be do to her finally sitting up as well. We continue to do them every day, and are hopeful she'll receive the all clear in about three months. The adventures just never quit with this girl! But this is a small thing (I hope!) and we're praying it will heal quickly and easily, as most cases of it do. 

Eating: She takes a bottle four times a day and is also on solids (Baby Led Weaning). I love it because she's super flexible, so we just start her routine whenever she wakes up, and go on a loose (very loose) four hour schedule from there. She tends to take a longer afternoon nap, so sometimes it's up to 5 or even 6 hours between bottles, but since she doesn't act hungry, or wake in the night, I'm rolling with it. She still loves solids and it's getting to a point where I can't eat anything in front of her without her fussing, wanting a taste! Sometimes it's hard because it's not a "easy" or "safe" food for her to eat, so I keep plenty of puffs and rice husks on-hand to keep her happy. 

The one big thing I have noticed is that Colette really isn't a big eater. She never really has been and I always assumed that was due to the reflux - but really, she's not that interested in food overall. She enjoys it for a few minutes, but quickly gets a bit bored, preferring to play or bang on the high chair or watch her brother. Sometimes, it's hard for me to let her eat less (Especially since Eli was such a HUGE eater!) but I want to read her needs and I figure she'll let me know if she's hungry. She's not waking in the night and naps great, so I figure she's fine!
Sleeping: This girl is a great sleeper (And I literally thank God for that everyday). I haven't had to go to her in the night for two months straight, and she's still sleeping a solid 12 hours a night. She's also a great napper, though they do vary a bit in time, they're typically 1.5 hours to 3 hours. If she takes a shorter nap in the morning, she tends to balance it out in the afternoon, but overall she averages two, 2 hour naps a day, and short half hour nap before dinner.

Development: This month, Colette became super strong at sitting up for long periods of time, and I can finally take the kids grocery shopping and use those huge double carts! She absolutely loves to sit up, I think because she can see everything so well, and now fusses when I lay her on her tummy. Each time I put her on her stomach, she immediately rolls to her back and tries to sit up to no avail - it's adorably pitiful. She's getting good at grabbing toys and pulling them to her mouth and passing them from one hand to another - I'm always amazed by how far she can reach for a toy, she has some amazing flexibility! She's also started talking a ton this month - dare I say, more than Eli? I don't know if we can handle three talkers in this house. She loves to jibber jabber and she constantly gets on these huge monologues of "ba, ba, mmm, mmm," I think she just loves to feel her lips and tongue move, she's always smacking them around and trying out new sounds. 

Likes / Dislikes: 
This girl is a HUGE snuggler. She loves to be held in a dark room, just laying her head on my chest and heavy breathing. It doesn't matter if she's not tired and wide awake, take her to a dark, quiet room and she just melts into you. Along the same lines, she still loves hanging in the sling too - which is so fun for me! She continues to love the swing and it always gets immediate giggles from her, even before you push it! She also loves baths more than ever now that she can sit up - though she's a huge splasher much to Eli's annoyance. Of course, like most babies, she loves peek-a-boo, zerberts and tickling. She still likes being in the Johnny Jump Up, but it seems like she's prefers it much more when Eli is bouncing her like a maniac, rather when she does it. She's definitely a thrill seeker - she loves to be tossed in the air, "wrestled," and generally enjoys life threatening situations. The trust of babies will always amaze me. 

As far as dislikes, she's still the Goldilocks of temperature - very particular with her bath water and bottle temperature, but otherwise she's pretty much the most agreeable baby on the planet!
Momma / Daddy Update: 
I continue to be completely obsessed with this girl. She just gets sweeter and sweeter every day and I can't believe what an amazing, content, perfectly wonderful baby she is. I know I'm starting to gush about her a lot on the blog, but I think I'm just making up for those first few months when everything was so hard and there was absolutely NO GUSHING in me. I love being a mom to a girl, and am so excited to see how our relationship continues to develop. It's also so fun to see how different Mike is with a girl than a boy - how delicate and sweet he is to her - it's totally different, but equally awesome, you know? It's also been amazing to watch the relationship between Eli and Colette. Eli is starting to love on her more and more now that she's more interactive, and you can literally feel how much she wants his attention. We continue to pray for their sibling relationship every day and it's exciting to think of what the future holds for it!


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