Slowing Down

I'm listening to Colette jabber in her crib upstairs. It's 7 a.m. and I'm fairly certain she's up for the day, but I'm still crossing my fingers she'll go back down. After the post last week about husbands and working and loooooong days for mommas, I've been thinking a lot about moms and self-care. Actually, I've been thinking about it for a while, a month or two lately, but it feels the conversations surrounding it are picking up and God has the cross-hairs on it, if you know what I mean. I think there's a post there, I'm just letting it simmer for a bit.

I feel like I'm finally starting to be able to breathe deep again. It's been eight months since the arrival of Colette, and when the move snowball began that brought us from Minneapolis to Chicago.  We've lived here nearly six months, and had four months in our actual home. I only have three boxes from the move left to unpack in the basement , and I'm working on hacking some Ikea cabinets into a dining room credenza to finally get those boxes out of my house for good.

It's slowing down, the whirlwind of the transition, and the rest is welcomed. I finally braved the DMV with the kids to get our new license plates, I only knocked down six of the the post from those portable guard rail things with our stroller, and Eli only attempted running behind the counter twice. #snacksforthewin. Getting that one checked off the list was huge - it was one of those things that I just kept wanting to wait for a day with a sitter or a husband or the random person off the street to watch my kids, but none of those things were happening, so we went, we conquered, and we celebrated with a $2 run to McDonalds in the car - I gave Colette a bottle in the passenger seat while Eli pretended to drive and we split chicken nuggets and fries. Mom life at it's finest right there.

It will be September soon, and I've written before that this month always feels more like the New Year rather than January 1. (Plus from now on, I think that date will mainly mark Colette's birthday, my New Year's Eve baby, and not as much the new year.) As the transition of the move slows down and the big things are checked off the list, I'm trying to slow our lives down with it. There's plenty of travel and major events coming, as well as the usual "fall programming" that always begins with bible studies, mom groups, small groups, etc. this fall, but overall, my day-to-day to-do list (particularly week days) is looking a bit less hectic, and more like routine.

I know it won't stay this way, it never does. But I'm hoping to enjoy the slow down while it lasts. To do that, I'm taking more long walks with the kids, organizing a capsule wardrobe, and trying to pick up a book with actual pages, instead of zoning out to tv every night for a half hour and then crashing into bed. I want to be more intentional with my time - less multi-tasking and jumping from one thing to anther, to more focus, more presence, more "all of me in the moment."

Side note on the capsule wardrobe: Pleeeease, tell me if you've done it and had success! And two - what was the one item you loved are so happy you had, and what's the one item you kicked yourself for not including? Also, did you include coats? Purses?

And for any of you in the thick of a toddler and a newborn, let me give you some hope - it really does get better, and far easier. At eight months out, the kids and I leave the house twice a day, sometimes three times, we go on errands, and I buckle and unbuckle those stupid (yet wonderful because I know they will save their lives if we crash) plastic buckles about 12 times a day from the multiple errand stops, but it doesn't phase me anymore. Eli's sleep and behavior finally seems back to normal from all the transition, and Colette eats with uncanny predictability and can sit up in the cart the entire time we're at Menards without an extra hand to steady her. I think part of this is why I'm feeling a bit more relaxed about life, a bit more interested in looking at the long-view, instead of just rushing through this moment and on to the next one. That, and the sneak peek of fall weather this week, and the arrival of PSL's coming just around the corner. Those two things always have me inspired to re-assess my life.

Anyone else feeling like a fresh start for fall? And while I'm thinking of it, anyone building a capsule wardrobe? Or working on Ikea hacks/other random DIY projects? I'd love to hear what you all are up to ---> but let's do it over here, on Facebook, it seems like that's where most of you are hanging out these days anyway ...  I've even considered disabling comments on the blog all together, since it seems like most of you prefer to leave them on social media. Anyone have thoughts on this?


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