Colette - Eight Month Update

Naps: Three naps a day. One, two to three hour in the morning; one two to three hour in the afternoon and a short 1/2 hour in the evening.
Feeding: Formula. Four 5 -7 oz. bottles every four hours during the day.
Clothing: Six and nine month.
Bedtime: 6:30 - 7 p.m.

Reflux Update: This month, we started weaning her off the medication more, and she now only takes 1 ml in the evenings! It's awesome to not have to worry about it in the mornings, and to see her getting better. 

Torticollis Update: We continue to do physical therapy for Colette's Torticollis. At this point, her head no longer tilts when she is looking straight ahead which is a marked improvement! You really only notice it when she turns her head to her right. She doesn't have a long range of motion there and she tends to tilt the top of her head to the left when she tries to look over her shoulder. We're hopeful this last bit will clear up in the next month or two. 

Eating: She's still taking a bottle four times a day, though this girl still doesn't have a lot of interest in eating. Some days it's really hard for me to get her to take her bottle, as I think she'd just prefer to snack so she can watch everything that's going on. I really try to get her to take at least five ounces of milk, but usually she needs to be away from all distractions, or at least allowed to eat it like a little calf - sitting up while looking around with those big eyes. She continues to ramp up on solids through Baby Led Weaning, her favorite foods being rice (the sticky kind that sticks to her knuckles, beans, raspberries, and meat, meat, meat. Especially pulled pork! She also learned to use a Camelbak this month, so she's taking in much more water - she's so proud of herself when she drinks from it!

Sleeping: Best sleeper ever and I shall continue to brag about that until the day I die. No shame since she kept me awake from 4 p.m. - 4 a.m. crying her eyes out nearly every night for three months. And again I say, BEST SLEEPER EVER! It's three months straight now that I haven't had to go to her in the night at all as she sleeps for 12 hours. This month, she did drop her evening nap. It was weird, she was still acting tired, but she wouldn't sleep at all when we put her down. She'd talk or cry, either way, no sleeping. So after about three nights of that, we just started keeping her up and putting her down at her usual time around 7 p.m., and that was the end of her evening nap. 

She still takes two other naps during the day, usually about two hours each, but sometimes longer, sometimes shorter. Although at the end of the month she started to want to be rocked to sleep. At first I thought she must be teething, but I wasn't really seeing any other signs, so I wasn't sure. Since I know she's such a huge snuggler, I think she just wanted to be rocked - and she knows that since she rarely cries, I'll come sprinting up the stairs to calm her as soon as I hear her. This girl has me wrapped around her fingers because I'm now TOTALLY ROCKING HER TO SLEEP for naps. I would have never done that with Eli, but I never got the chance to when she was little because it never mattered if I rocked her when she was a newborn, she just cried! So now I'm soaking in the snuggles as she sleeps on my chest. It only takes about 10 minutes until she's out and then I lay her in her crib - although when Eli was at "Cousin Camp (Grandma's house for a few days with his cousins), I totally let her sleep on me for her ENTIRE NAP. Bliss I tell ya. But at the same time, I'm like, "How many times can I get away with this until it becomes a habit?" Because there is no way I could let her sleep on me when Eli cames back. I'm not sure how long I can keep rocking her to sleep, but for now, I'm trying to soak it up. 


No crazy huge changes this month, mostly she just continues to get stronger and more talkative. She loves to sit up and wave her arms around with excitement, and she continues to amaze me with her Stretch Armstrong arms as she grabs toys from a mile away. I think she's also figured out that she can get from point A to point B by rolling, so she does seem to like being on her stomach a bit more again - just so she can get near Eli, although I mostly just find her stuck under chairs or the couch. She is also continuing to talk a ton, and is definitely learning about her voice. She can get pretty loud and I swear she's trying to talk back to me or Eli - or maybe i's "over" us. She also likes to just whisper, "Bah, bah, bah" and it's the sweetest little thing! 

She started to have a bit of the normal separation anxiety this month, it's terribly sad as I hand her to someone and she gets a huge pouty face. Although she rarely cries and most of the time she recovers super quickly. Is it weird that I kinda like it? Probably because it's not too much to where I can't leave her or anything. It's the perfect amount to make me feel special, but not tied down, you know?  Gah! That sounds so bad!

Likes / Dislikes: 

This month, Colette has really started to like music. She's always seemed to enjoy it, but now she goes crazy when I turn it on - though it could be something to do with the excitement of the dance parties Eli and I have around her when we turn it on. She is still super into the swing, getting tossed in the air, peek-a-boo, tickling, zerberts, happy, excited voices, all the usuals. She also loves to give "kisses," I'll just turn my check to her and ask, "Kiss?" and she'll lean in with a wide open mouth and plant one on me and giggle her little heart out. She also loves to dance around with Eli in the crib and help me go get him from his afternoon nap (he still sleeps longer than her!) She always lets out a little squeal and waves her arms when she sees him or when daddy comes home, it's adorable to see!

Mommy / Daddy Update:

It's been so nice to have Colette be stronger and have a bit more wake time between naps. That makes going out on errands or play dates so much easier! Also, we love getting to watch the kids become better and better friends, Eli will constantly walk up to "make sure Coco is okay," giving her toys, a hug or kisses, and he's just the sweetest big brother to her. It's so fun to have two kiddos, and do things as family - while those first few months of two under two were some of the hardest of my life, I love having children close together and everything was totally worth it. Kinda amazing I can say that with all honesty! 


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