Colette's New Pink and Gold Nursery

While our new house here in Chicago is in no way finished, one of the first things I did when it came to decorating the new house was to set up the kid's rooms. I always feel like kid rooms are sort of easy-wins, you can do pretty much anything in them and they'll look good. While I told myself I was prioritizing the kid's rooms because I loved my children and wanted them to have a nice space to feel comfortable in - let's be honest - it was 100 percent because I wanted to have something that I could cross off my never ending to-do list of house projects. 

My goal in both our children's rooms was was to spend as little money as possible, making good use of what we already had for them and using up what was displaced from moving from one house to another. 

Colette's room stayed fairly similar to what it was before, but the color scheme did change a little - to pink, gold and a bit of mint. (See her old room in Minnesota here.) Originally I planed to use her purple drapes, but one of the windows is so close to the closet I couldn't fit the drapes on one side, so I made faux roman shades instead, which sent the room in a bit of a different direction. (I'll explain a bit more about those later.)  It's sort of amazing how swapping out just a few things can change the look of a room so much!

While I don't have a before of this room, just picture yellow walls with mod-podged brick and a few large gaping holes in the drywall, chipped white trim, dirty mini blinds and dark brown, stained carpet. Before we moved in, we replaced all the carpet upstairs and painted every. single. surface. of the house. The ceilings and walls are Benjamin Moore Simply White and the trim is Benjamin Moore White Dove. 

Here it is!

The crib is our original one we received at our baby shower years ago and the crib sheet is from Colette's old room. The letters are from Target's craft line, I just spray painted them gold and hung them with command strips. The basket is our old toy basket and it now holds all the baby blankets, sleepers and some extra stuffed animals.

The gilder is our original one (Target), the side table is an old Home Goods find that's been spray painted to match various spaces more times than I can count. The pillow is from our old living room  and the light pink pouf is from Colette's original nursery.

All the art is free/found. The photos and all frames are from our old gallery wall in the dining room, and the rest of the art includes a framed gift bag, the cover of a notebook I cut out, a painting by me, and if you look closely, you'll see our old living room wall paper framed - which is fun to see everyday as a reminder of our old house. 

There isn't any wiring for overhead lighting in this room, so I couldn't use her original chandy that I DIY'd a few years back. At first I was disappointed about that, but luckily, the soft mint lamp from our old living room worked perfectly on top of the Ikea dresser I hacked for our old master bedroom. The toe-kick was accidentally ripped off in the move, so the dresser is a little beat up, but honestly, it's hardly noticeable unless you're looking for it. (Or I announce it on my blog - whoop.)

I painted the heart print on an old canvas, and the bear was a gift from one of Eli's baby showers, I just changed the ribbon so it was a bit more "girly."

Oh, and I promised I'd talk about the faux-roman shades! Of course, I originally wanted real romans, but they are usually pretty expensive, so I decided to hack a set of relaxed-faux romans for the windows. Since they don't actually work to move up and down to hide light, I had my husband install these Levolor roller black out shades from Lowe's to keep it dark for naps. (You can see it peeking out in the pic below.) 

For the shades, I nabbed some of this fabric off a sale on Etsy, then just sort of made it up since I couldn't find a tutorial online for exactly what I wanted. (An outside mount, faux-relaxed roman shade. Say that five times fast.) I just used a block of wood to wrap the fabric around at the top of and used lots and lots of fabric glue to make the folds. 

And here's the little lady hanging out while I take all these photos!  There's not a ton of wall space in this room (It's a small room with two windows and one huge wall of bifold doors to the closet), but I really wanted the "Chronicles of Narnia" print I DIY'd from her old nursery in the room, so I snuck it behind the door. It's actually been the perfect spot to hang it - every morning and every night I look at it when the door is closed and I'm snuggling with Colette in the glider. 

One thing I just want to point out: You might notice that we don't have a changing table and honestly, I've been surprised by how much we haven't missed one. Originally I had plans to figure out a different solution, but we quickly found it's not a big deal to either my husband or I to sit on the floor to change Colette. Eli's usually with us, making Colette laugh while he runs around her head, and I just keep all her diapers and wipes in a basket (below). I keep her clothes, pj's, hair stuff in the bottom two drawers and the top two are semi-filled with clothes she needs to grow into, extra baby stuff, etc. 

So that's it! It was fun to see this room to come together so quickly with very little work, and it's been great to have at least one room in the house to call "finished" and not have to think about any longer!


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