This Is How I Feel, XXI

When my toddler disobeys and my husband asks me why I'm so frustrated.

When my toddler is asking over and over again for a cookie when he didn't eat a bite of his dinner.

When I see a mom that looks like she could be my friend while out shopping at Target.

When my husband and I have to tell our children we're not going to the park that day like we promised.

When a mom tells me she fed her kids fruit snacks and cheese sticks for lunch three days in a row and is all like, "Don't tell anyone!" #momcode

When I see our formula bill every month.

When I see Baby Gap is having a massive sale and it's time to do some damage. 

When I've been up all night with the kids and am greeting the Starbucks barista for the first time.

When I see the kids doing something a little sketchy in the backyard but I'm going to choose to ignore it.

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