Colette - Nine Month Update

Naps: Two naps a day. One, two to three hour in the morning; one two to three hour in the afternoon.
Feeding: Formula. Four 5 -7 oz. bottles every four hours during the day.
Clothing: Nine and twelve month.
Bedtime: 7 - 7:30 p.m.

Reflux Update: 1 ml in the evenings, and seems to be happy with this amount. 

Torticollis Update: Still do physical therapy every day for Colette's Torticollis. For the most part, we think she has complete range of motion, but have a check in with the doctor next month to be sure we can stop the exercises. 

Eating: There's no predicting how much Colette will eat, though I try to get at least 4 oz in her for each bottle. She's really ramping up with the solids though, so I don't worry too much since I know she's getting a lot of her calories through that. She developed the pincher grasp this month and it's totally been a game changer - I love being able to give her lots of little things to eat and not worry about the mess - she's seriously neater than Eli! Her favorite foods are peas, broccoli, 
cauliflower, pulled pork and bread. She's pretty obvious with how I'll set out a few different items, and she won't touch anything until her favorites are eaten, so I tend to just hand her things in stages building up to what she likes best - fruit, meat, veggies, bread. Colette's still pretty crazy about water too, sometimes I feel like she's going to drown herself with how fast she drinks out of the Camelbak!

Sleeping: We had a really difficult month sleeping - should have probably seen it coming since we had a few months of sleep-bliss there. In her defense, at the end of the month a tiny little tooth popped up, but it still always amazes me how much work those silly teeth are - and all for ONE. She was up in the night at least a few nights a week, and often multiple times in the same night. It's funny, because it always takes giving her a bottle to get her back to sleep - she will not fall back to sleep without the taste of milk in her mouth - sometimes she only takes three sips and she's done! It's in these moments I wish we were still nursing because it would be so much easier, but at least now I know and I'm not trying to put her back down a million times without a bottle and getting confused since I know she's not actually hungry. 

She still takes two other naps during the day, usually about two hours each, but sometimes longer, sometimes shorter. I typically have to push her on her morning nap because were out and about, but Colette's pretty good about making up lost sleep with a longer afternoon nap. I have a feeling she'll be dropping that morning nap MUCH earlier than Eli did! 

The biggest change is that pincher grasp and Colette's new, tiny tooth! It's not very far in yet, so you can't even see it in the pics, but I promise it's there! She's not crawling, but she tends to scoot a lot with the heels of her feet (not getting that far, just moving a few inches here or there) but is super good at quickly spinning in circles - just using her heels! You think she can't move - but she can, oh she can. She has a huge reach too and will bend nearly in half just to reach a toy. Colette's also trying to pull up on things, but usually just tends to get her bottom a few inches off the ground then sits back down with a huff. It's adorable. She still rolls everywhere, but prefers to be sitting up so she can see all the action. As for talking, she tends to go through quiet phases and loud ones, kinda switching back and forth, but she's either 0 or 60, there's no in between with this girl. 

Likes / Dislikes: 

This month, Colette started to really like the jumper. Part of it is probably the fact that she can stand and jump and see everything, and the other part is probably because Eli tends to view it as a swing, and gives her huge pushes in it. Yes, there have definitely been some tears from getting swung into the wall. But overall, I promise, she loves getting pushed and spun in it by her big brother. She still waves her arms like crazy when she gets excited, and usually that's when she sees someone she likes, like Eli or her daddy. Colette really loves to be tossed around and wrestled with too, I'm pretty sure she just lives for dangerous situations. She also loves to eat, play peek-a-boo, be scared, kissed and snuggled with. Pretty much all the same as last month. 

Mommy / Daddy Update:
This girl is seriously so fun! Every day I'm just amazed by how far we've all come and how great it is to be a family of four. Colette just keeps getting easier and easier and it's been awesome to see her and Eli's relationship develop. These days, the two of them will go off and play in another room together, Eli handing her toys or talking to her and she babbling back and waving her arms all over. It's just so fun that they have learned to play without me and that they get along. Mike and I are thrilled to see how close they already are and it makes us excited for the future. 


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