DIY Dump Truck Halloween Costume

I know it's nearly Thanksgiving, but I just realized I never got around to posting Eli's Halloween costume on here. I pushed out a few photos on Instagram and Facebook, but totally forgot to give a quick recap of the costume I made for Eli. (Colette was a hand-me-down ladybug, if you were wondering, so though she was THE MOST ADORABLE LADYBUG IN ALL THE LAND, there will be no post dedicated to the making of her costume.)

At two and a half, Eli obviously had no clue what Halloween meant in the weeks leading up to it. But just for kicks, I still liked to ask him every few days, "Eli, what do you want to be for Halloween?" 

Every. Single. Time. he would tell me in his best low, loud, growly voice that he wanted to be a "Duuuuump TRRRRRUCK!" 
At first, I figured at his age, he'd never actually wear a dump-truck-type costume if I went to the work of making it. It'd be one of those things where as a mom you spend a ton of time making something, and the kid acts all excited, but when it comes time to actually wearing/using it, they want nothing to do with it and throw a tantrum if you try to push it on them, you know? 

That's the worst. 

So, to test him before I went to any actual work, I took a cardboard box, drew some tires and a grill on it, made straps with some cheap ribbon I already had, and asked him if he wanted to wear it. He freaked out and wore it all afternoon he was so happy. 

Next thing you know I'm taping diaper and wipe boxes together with duct tape, spray painting everything yellow and cutting out tail lights from construction paper. 

It actually wasn't that much work, just a little time. The only money I spent was on the yellow spray paint and nylon strips, which I picked up from Joann Fabric and hot glued right onto the inside of the box. 

And the best part was, it was really fun to include Eli in everything - we made a huge deal out of going to get the paint and straps for his dump truck, and he helped me figure out where the headlights and grill should be, how big of cup to trace for the tail lights - you know, all the stuff that toddlers like to make up opinions on. 

It only took him one house to get the gist of Halloween. Pretty soon he was acting like an old pro, telling me, "I have so much candy mom. Did you see how much I got? Their light is on, they'll give me candy! They take a long time to come to the door, where's my candy? Don't eat my candy mom, it's all for me. I'll carry my candy, no touching it mom. Halloween is my favorite thing ever."

And just like that Halloween became my favorite thing ever too. 


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