When We Feel Inadequate

I've been having one of those weeks, well, a month or two really, where nothing seems to be going right. Where I'm seemingly incapable of getting anything right. Showing up at the wrong time for a doctor's appointment, spilling tomato sauce in the fridge, double booking a weekend, stubbing my toe three times in a day, or forgetting to do things I promised I would. I'm dried up with writing here (But don't want to be!) and I've taken on a few projects outside of this blog and it feels like I'm hitting nothing but roadblocks - all of them because of my own failures.

I don't know what's going on with me besides knowing I'm feeling pretty weak and inadequate at life right now. Seems to be a common theme for me over this past year. And all of motherhood really. I would imagine some of you can relate, right?

Last night I was wallowing in my failures, and then my sister-in-law tagged me in this post from Life Lived Beautifully. (Do you follow her? If not, you should!) I'm repeating a bit of this from memory, so go to her post for the good stuff, but here's the truth: Satan is going to go hard after every single one of our weak areas - he LOVES weakness. He finds those inadequate places and pushes hard into them. It's like it's his game to spot the failures. It's is goal to bring them to light. And it's his mission to make us feel like not enough. And you know what? He's is the best in the business at his game.

But the truth is, he may win a game here or there, okay, like every single one, during certain seasons of life, but he does not win the ultimate game because Christ already did that. It's done! We know the ending! We know we're on the winning side and Satan and all his pretty little lies are never gonna make it in the end. When we're struggling with failures, inadequacies and roadblocks this is all we need to remember - not I, but He.

He is what makes us enough. He wins the war. He makes us conquerors.

And I'm just so thankful to get to be carried by his grace - because if these last couple months are just a small example of my efforts, then it would be obvious to anyone around me that I'll never even win a scrimmage with Satan on my own.

So today, lean in to Christ. Give him all your dirty, messy and failures, (If you're like me, it's a lot!), and remember, not I, but He. We have won. We have conquered. We are enough. Because of Him.

And as soon as you feel that old familiar feeling of inadequacy rise up, do it again. And again and again and again. Remember, we're not capable of one and dones. We have confess and recommit over and over again. But thankfully, Christ is there, every time, like it was the first time.

Not I, but He.

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