Colette - 10 Month Update

Babygirl is actually 11 and a half months old! Whoop! Trying to catch up before she turns ONE at the end of the month! 
Naps: Two naps a day. One, two hour in the morning; one two to three hour in the afternoon.
Feeding: Formula. Four 3 -5 oz. bottles every four hours during the day.
Clothing: Nine and twelve month.
Bedtime: 7 - 7:30 p.m.

Reflux Update: This month we weaned Colette from her reflux meds and I AM SO HAPPY. It's amazing to realize how far we've come and it's wonderful not to have to remember her medication each day. She's (generally) a super happy girl now and doesn't seem to be affected at all by reflux. She still has her moments of fussiness, but it's not consistent and doesn't seem to be related to reflux - we decided that's just a part of her age and a - somewhat - dramatic personality. (Yay girls!)
Eating: In someways it feels like Colette's really starting to wean off the bottle. It's hard to predict how much she'll eat for each bottle, but generally she'll take about three to five ounces and I just try to make sure she eats solids three times a day to make up for everything. She's still a big meat eater, then broccoli, peas, bread and beans behind that.  She still drinks a TON of water from her Camelbak - she tends to chug like half of it down really quick (choking herself in the process), then drool out the other half as a game. 

Sleeping: Sleeping was a bit better this month, though she was still waking up once a night there for about five nights a week. She popped three teeth this month, so it makes sense. It's not too big of deal that she wakes a night, but she always wants a bottle to fall back asleep, so that extra step in there makes it a bit more tough for me to wake up, make a bottle, and then go to her. But at least I know what she wants, and she always goes right back down immediately after that milk touches her lips. It's pretty sweet to cuddle with her in those moments since she's so relaxed and sleepy! She's still taking two naps a day, though I find if she misses her morning nap, she's starting to not sleep as well for her afternoon nap, sometimes only giving me an hour, so now I'm starting to be more committed to making sure she gets that morning nap so I get the afternoon one!

At the very beginning of this month Colette started to wave - it's adorable, she reaches her hand straight out and then just open and closes her fist over and over again. She's still pretty content to just sit and watch the action, but she still spins crazy fast in circles from a seated position and knows how to roll to get what she wants. You think something might be safe because she doesn't crawl, but it's not, oh it's not. She's still trying to pull up on everything, but doesn't get far at all. We also had her eyes checked with the ophthalmologist this month. Since Eli's vision diagnosis is genetic, we were told to have her checked around nine months and thankfully she passed her test with no issues at all. (This is also why she has such huge pupils in these photos - I took them on the same day her eyes were dilated and didn't even think about it until Mike mentioned it in the photos! Oh well. Real life. )

Likes / Dislikes: 
As she always has, Colette really, really loves baths. These days she gets so hyper just when we go into the bathroom. She's a big fan of drinking all the water in the tub and splashing Eli as hard as she can. She's really getting into emptying out cabinets/baskets/shelves one by one, looking at each item then tossing it over her back. She still loves spending time in the jumper as long as Eli is jumping around next to her so I usually put a little music on so they dance together. She's also a big fan of being smooshed. Yes. Smooshed/crushed/flattened you name it, she loves to be "under" people, stuffed animals, blankets, whatever, she totally cracks up when she is. She also likes all the typical stuff: peek-a-boo, kisses, tosses, wrestling and snuggling. 

Mommy / Daddy Update:
I love being a mom to a little girl. Everyday she just seems to get more and more girly and as her hair gets longer I'm having a blast getting to put different bows and things in it. I even tried to french braid it the other day (Waaaay too early)! Mike and I joke that Colette is definitely "her own woman" - she's going to do what she wants and when she has a need, SHE WILL LET YOU KNOW, but she's also just the sweetest - super snuggly and affectionate, giving kisses and just holding our faces while she coos. Doesn't get much better than that. 


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