Colette - 11 Month Update

Naps: Two naps a day. One, one hour in the morning; one two to four hour in the afternoon.
Feeding: Formula. Four, 1 - 4 oz. bottles every four hours during the day.
Clothing: Nine and twelve month.
Bedtime: 7 - 7:30 p.m.

Eating: Colette is definitely weaning from formula. I don't remember Eli doing this, so it's really crazy that I'm not having to worry about stopping formula, she's doing it on her own! She still takes a bottle four times a day, but sometimes taking as small as just an ounce of milk. I usually make four ounces just in case, but I'd say she only takes the full amount once a day. I think it's because this month, I really started ramping up her solids to prep her to stop formula. I try to make sure she eats a full three meals a day and at least one snack after her afternoon nap. 

But what's crazy is she'll fuss for table food now, almost always right after her morning bottle. I haven't taught her any baby sign language yet (second child!), so it took me a while to figure out she wanted to eat. But thankfully now that I know, we avoid  A LOT of angst in the morning. She's a pretty big eater - often eating waaay more than Eli. It's crazy - especially because she's so tiny! She thankfully hasn't entered the "bread/cheese/sugar are the only food groups worth living for" stage, so she's great about meat and veggies - roasted broccoli is definitely her favorite. What she does NOT like are avocados or really soft sweet potatoes. Anything super mushy comes straight back out. She's still crazy about her water bottle, chugging sometimes half of her Camelbak in one sitting. Next month, I'm planning on introducing her to cow's milk to drop that formula bill and as lame as it is, I'm super excited!

Sleeping: Sleeping was just okay this month. For a while there she was getting into a habit of waking around 5 - 6 a.m. and wanting to hang out. After only about 45 minutes she'd be tired again, so I know she should have kept sleeping, but she would fight it so hard I'd always let her stay up. Eventually she sorta phased out of it to where she was waking around 6:30 a.m. but decently happy, so I'd just leave her in her crib until at least seven. Over time, she started waking later and now typically gets up between 7 - 7:30 a.m., but she isn't one to hang in her crib. She lets you know, "I AM AWAKE AND READY TO FACE THE DAY NOW SO COME GET MEEEEEE."  I love this girl, I do. But sometimes, the demands are a little loud, you know? 

She still takes two naps a day, and she is finally starting to do a nice loooooong afternoon nap, typically about three hours, but it can go anywhere from two to four. It's great to finally, after 11 long months, to be able to (semi) count on an afternoon nap at all. Her morning nap is usually about a hour to an hour and a half. 

One thing I'm really thankful for is Colette will literally sleep anywhere that has a crib. She's so good about going on playdates or going down at a friend's house in a random crib or pack n'play with no fussing. Plus, she transfers at night really well, waking up for the car ride home, then going immediately back to sleep in her own crib after a few ounces of formula. I think it's because since the beginning with her, we were traveling a lot and we have lived in four different places (Mpls house, my mother-in-law's house, temp housing, Chicago house) so she's immune to her environment being shaken up. She'll even sleep in the church nursery sleeping room with a few other babies in cribs next her. She's a trooper and I'm really thankful for it. 

At the very beginning of this month Colette started to clap. I love when babies learn some new trick because they always look SO proud of themselves and Colette was no different. She loves listening to music with Eli and they'll both clap along and giggle with each other. Melts me, every time. She's also still not crawling, but she's making major progress and trying more often. She's super wiggly and still does the little move with her heels to spin super fast in circles - which is why taking this month's photos were so hard, she kept spinning to look the fabric, and eventually pulled it all down - so her "other" photos show the crib in the guest room that I use to hang the backdrop on. Whoop! Towards the end of the month, she was sometimes crawling/pushing herself backwards, so I know she's getting closer to crawling. In general though, she's super content. She just likes to be sitting in the middle of all the action so she can watch - apparently she doesn't have to actually participate to be happy. 

She also is doing more mimicking and loves to try to make the noises or movements we make - it usually ends up with her giggling pretty hard which is fun. She is also understanding a lot more verbal commands, like "clap," "wave," "push," "jump," "kiss," etc. which makes it really fun to interact with her. She's gotten really into dancing this month, and this girl has moves! She'll get her arms above her head and turn side to side, and she has a really intense bop when she's sitting down. If we're holding her while there is music she loves to jump around and keep her arms above her head - I've never seen anything like it! 

Likes / Dislikes: 
Her love for searching through and emptying out baskets and containers has grown tenfold this month. These days, I constantly find her little bottom sticking out of a basket as her head is buried deeeeeeep inside searching for who knows what. Every once in a while I'll see a toy thrown over her back out of the basket and I just start laughing at her. Often, she'll pick up each item and inspect it for a really long time, then suddenly chuck it away with all her might, looking for a new treasure. It's hilarious. 

This girl still really loves her baths, but I'm starting to have to get after her for splashing so hard. Eli starts to get mad and I literally need a pair of goggles her splashes are so big. She is also really into getting tossed around still, but it's becoming a bit dangerous. Lately, when I pick her up, she'll start to throw herself backwards because she wants me to swing her around. Often I'm not ready for it and I'll nearly drop her! I don't really know what to do about this one, I'm just trying to make sure I have two hands free every time I hold her. 

As far as dislikes, she doesn't like not having her needs met immediately. Like diaper changes, food, drink or naps. When she's had enough, she's had enough. But I'd say lately her biggest dislike is being unable to see the "action." She'll fuss until someone will move her to the center of everything and then immediately be giggling and smiling. It's crazy. She's also starting to get really sick of being in the carseat for long periods which makes traveling for the holidays a little tough.

Mommy / Daddy Update:
I feel like being a mom to two little kids literally gets easier every day. Each day Colette gets older, it seems like she and Eli just become better and better friends, enjoying hanging out with each other and being playmates. It's amazing and so satisfying to see their relationship grow! Though those first months were, at times - horrible (to be frank) - all of their giggles, wrestling and jokes make me feel so happy and are just starting to erase those memories. My favorite part of the day is just before nap time. We always go up early to Eli's room to pray and sing him songs, and for some reason, the kids always seem to be in super goofy moods. I think Eli's just trying to delay nap time and Colette's just thrilled he's paying attention to her, but those two are absolute goons, giggling and wrestling - Colette's throwing herself out of my arms onto Eli to give him kisses and he's trying to tickle her or sing her a silly song and they just laugh and laugh and laugh. I don't even care how long nap time is delayed it's all just so adorable - and those are the moments I wish I could just bottle up and keep forever. 


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