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Sorry for the radio silence over here. It's been a busy couple weeks with traveling for Thanksgiving and while there's never a true routine during the holidays, I'm excited to be back home and get back into the rhythm of our days. I shared a bit this morning on Facebook and Instagram about starting advent - in a lot of ways this year feels like a refresh - a good way to hit the restart button after all that's happened in the past 12 months. I'm working  hard to remember to slow down, enjoy the wait and refocus my thoughts and efforts to keep Christ the center of this season.

Anyway, I hope to be back here a bit more going forward, but you know how it is, ebb and flow, and I'm finally learning to be alright with that. In the meantime, I've been finding a few good nuggets on the wild web lately, here's a few that are worth sharing and a good read if you find the time.

Been trying to make our guest room a bit more "guest-friendly" - here's a great printable for that oft-asked for wi-fi password.

Never would have guessed this one, but the reasoning makes sense: Children Want Factual Stories Over Fantasy. 

A great list of Christmas gifts for the toddler in your house.

This one will hit you hard: The Sanitized Stories We Tell.

I almost always volunteer to bring drinks to a party - they're so easy! Here's a good list of holiday ones, a few I've already made!

The "unfair advantage" is an interesting concept. What's yours? How do you use it?

It went around a while back, but it's too funny not to share, If Moms Talked To Each Other The Way They Talked To Their Kids. 

Don't Let Advent Activities Steal Your Joy. And yes, I am the "sweet sister-in-law" she mentions. Whoops.

Five Surprising But True Facts About Motherhood. Designed to pull on your heart-strings a bit, but I'm still always amazed by how connected we are to our kids.


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