25 Things I Hope My Daughter Learns About Life Before She Leaves My Home

The weight of raising my daughter into a woman drops heavy on my chest every time I think about it. The thing is, I already know I am inadequate for the job, I will fail her in teaching her all that she needs to know about life, because I'm human - and because sometimes life just throws you curve balls that you can never be prepared for. But as I look at my daughter, innocent and naive of all the beautiful and awful things to come her way as she grows, I pray that I can be used in some way to teach her and prepare her for her life ahead.

While my full list is likely much longer and embarrassingly-superficial and manic than this, at the core, these are the things I hope and pray my daughter will have learned about life before she leaves the home.
  1. Choose your attitude. Life is less about what happens to you and more about how you respond to it. You always have a choice. 
  2. Your friends will come and go, but your family is forever. Do everything you can to make those relationships work. 
  3. What goes in, must come out. Consume quality. Get educated. Read the classics. Listen to great music. Study people. Understand current events. Explore the world. 
  4. Learn to laugh at yourself - if you take life seriously other people will too. Be able to brush things off and move on. 
  5. You are so incredibly beautiful. Absolutely stunning. Ignore anyone or anything that makes you feel anything less. 
  6. Don't be afraid to try new things. View mistakes as apart of the process to accomplishing your dreams. 
  7. See needs and meet them. Take the initiative and help not because you are asked, but simply because you can.
  8. Your friends matter. Choose those that love you for exactly who you are, yet at the same time inspire you, challenge you and push you to pursue the things that matter and have value.
  9. A strong woman has strong theology. Know what you believe and why you believe it. Study your bible. Be able to back up your viewpoints and have something to say - if you can't explain it over coffee, your convictions won't stand when put to the test. 
  10. Keep everything with open hands. You shouldn't own something that will ruin your life if someone accidentally breaks it. Nothing is truly yours anyway, it's just been entrusted to you for a time. 
  11. Know your worth. Not just the worth I tell you you have, or the worth you feel you have in a moment from a guy, a dress, or social media, but understand your true worth - you are the daughter of the King. He loves you, he celebrates you, he died for you - that's how much you're worth.
  12. Be polite. Recognize great service, friendship and deeds. Be gracious with mistakes and rude people. Respect authority. 
  13. It's rarely too late. If you feel like you're stuck in a situation, or you've gotten too deep in a problem that you can't see the light, remember, it's rarely too late to make a change or do something to get out of it. Talk to wise people around you, they'll help you make a plan and support you in making changes. 
  14. The couch and the kitchen table are the places that hearts and lives are transformed. Open your home freely and easily. Homes are for living in and yours should work hard for you.  Hosting and entertaining are a lost art, bring them back in vogue. 
  15. There are only so many hours in a day, be purposeful with them. Work quickly and efficiently, don't be idle or lazy.
  16. The man you walk down the aisle with will fight for you, lead you, and walk beside you. He will think you can change the world, and do everything in his power to help you do just that.
  17. Be quick to say you're sorry and quick to forgive. Own up to your mistakes and give grace for other's.
  18. Be a person of yes, but always remember you can say no. To boys that don't respect you, to bosses that belittle you, to friends that pressure you and to people that drag you down. 
  19. Keep perspective. Live with eternity in mind each and every day. All of this is temporary. Know you are living in a world that will pass away into dust and that there is so much more to come. 
  20. There's almost nothing a pedi and a latte can't fix.
  21. Food brings people together. Everyone eats, so learn to make food. Good food. Real food. Then invite people over.
  22. Know how to be friends with girls. Boys are usually easier to be friends with, but girls teach you how be accountable for the things you say, navigate feelings, and they will always, always, always know the right thing to say and bring the ice cream when you need a good cry. 
  23. Your body is amazing, a miracle, really. Treat it with respect. 
  24. Know how to say "thank you" when receiving a compliment and not brush it off or give excuses for how something could be better. In the same vein, be free with your affirmations. A little kindness goes a long way. 
  25. Above all, know Jesus. He will transform and penetrate everything you do. Know him better than you know yourself. Trust him with your fears, dreams, cares and life. Come each day to the base of the cross to confess, understand, grow and bask in His glory. More than anything else learned on this list, I pray this is what you learn about most. He is all you need. 
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