Colette's Gold and White First Birthday Party

A couple weekends ago, we had a chance to throw a first birthday party for Colette. I think any parent knows that the first birthday party isn't really for their kid, it's for them. Making it through one year of parenting (at least one year with that child), is a huge accomplishment. And this party truly did feel like we were celebrating not only Colette, but the massive year we had - she just happened to be the one to kick it off with her birth on New Year's Eve 2014. 

The party was so much fun, with all the events of the holidays, I really only gave myself a week (between New Year's weekend and the party weekend) to pull it all off. But a month prior, I picked out the party invites and as soon as I saw these gold and white invites from Minted, I knew creating a matching theme and decor would be simple in a short timeframe.  

I loved the gold lining in the envelope, and the invite was printed in gold foil on super thick, soft paper - always a good first impression to any party. Plus they came with a matching pre-addressed envelope (a free service!), saving me tons of time so I could easily get them in the mail right before Christmas. 

All week in preparation, the dining room table was filled with a hot mess of tissue paper, string, the sewing machine and hot glue. I made a million tassels and garlands to throw all over the house - pretty sure I have no fingerprints left, but we had decorations!

I made the cupcake toppers out of some Christmas tinsel I found on clearance. Just cut it up into about 1" strips, mold into a ball and hot glue on toothpicks!

I have this teeny-tiny hole puncher that I never really find much use for, but it was awesome to make the little holes to thread the string through for the itty-bitty bunting I made for the smash cake. Those are grilling skewers on either side. (Here's a more detailed tutorial for a different kind of bunting that doesn't require the hole puncher.)

One great thing about having a house that you've recently moved into and don't have art on the walls yet, is there is LOTS of extra space to hang party decor. Hence the birthday banner and dots above the couch in the first pic. (That's where I put the advent calendar too, remember?) I also found another blank wall in the kitchen to put her monthly photos up, using some sparkly gold washi tape I found at Target. #washitapeforever

I made two different garlands for the party. In the kitchen, I threw up crepe paper fringe garlands and it was amazing how quickly they made the room feel festive. I just sewed four crepe paper sheets on top of each other then cut each edge about an 1" apart and "fluffed" it with my fingers. It's a tedious job, but nothing watching a few episodes of "Making a Murder" can't get you through. I love these garlands because while they take a lot of time, they only cost me a buck to make! (Here's a tutorial if you need it!)

We had about 30 people so for the meal, we catered in Chipotle. I took these photos before it came and we got it set up, but let me tell you: Best decision ever. So good, easy for kids of all ages and the leftovers are amazing. Highly recommend.

More tassels in the living room, because, tassels. 

 For the entry, I just used my 2" circle puncher on some gold foil cardstock from Hobby Lobby, then sewed, sewed, sewed. (Here's a more detailed tutorial from Eli's birthday.) Also, that's an apple wrapped in tissue paper down there holding the "1" balloon down - desperate times call for desperate measures. 

For the smash cake backdrop, I just found another blank wall (like I said, we have lots) and hung gold and white crepe paper in strips on the wall.  (The gold is from Target, a really pretty color!) For her high chair, more tassels - obv, and gold letters in case anyone didn't know how old she was. Look at that cuteness:

She was pretty skeptical about the smash cake. It was actually her third one (we party hard around here), but she was still pretty unsure of the huge hunk of sugar in front of her. She picked at it and slowly licked her fingers at first, then eventually slowly dove in with her mouth open wide, though it took a few tries to make contact with the sugar. I think she was pretty confused as to why a huge crowd of people were staring at her and cheering. 

Eli, of course, was desperate to get in on the action. 

All in all it was such a fun day, but it was over all too quickly. I just loved getting to celebrate this beautiful girl and it was so fun to see all the people that came out to love on Colette (and Mike, Eli and I!) - it's crazy to think that nearly everyone (sans some family) are all new friends we've made in the past six months or so. It's been such an insane yet wonderful year and I am so thankful for her!

pssst. Find the recap of Eli's carnival-themed first birthday party right over here.

This is not a sponsored post, but Colette's birthday party invites were provided by Minted. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog!


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