The Risen Motherhood Podcast

The very first lesson learned in motherhood is that you'll never be perfect. No matter how many books, programs, schedules, advice and stories a mom gathers, she'll never have all the answers. In truth, we're all just cautiously creeping around pretending like we sorta know what we're doing while really just trying not to screw our kids up too much before they head off on their own.

In my short three years of being a mom, I've been reminded of this over and over and over again - that I will mess up, that I will be inadequate, that I will fail. It's the Great Universal Truth In Motherhood. No matter how good you are - you can't get away from it.

So when my sister-in-law and fellow blogger, Emily Jensen, semi-joked to me about starting a podcast about motherhood, I literally laughed her right off the phone. What could I have to offer that wouldn't just make a mom more confused? But as we talked about it more and more, we both gradually warmed to the idea and became more serious about it.

And so, today feels like a very big day for me. For the past six months or so, I've been "secretly" working on a new project behind the scenes - a new podcast I'm hosting with my sister-in-law, called Risen Motherhood. I introduced it to many of you about a month ago over on Facebook. I was nervous to announce it then, and I'm even more nervous now, to tell you that our very first podcast will be live tomorrow morning, Wednesday, January 13.

Risen Motherhood - at its core - is meant to discuss motherhood in light of the resurrection - hence the name. Prior to starting the podcast, Emily and I were having long conversations about body image, discipline, snack time, mom guilt, potty training, family quiet times, breastfeeding, napping, self-care - topics big or small, deep or seemingly shallow - we were constantly discussing the ins and outs of motherhood and how the gospel should intersect, challenge and change our actions and attitudes in daily life.

As moms, I think we all have a tendency to quickly turn to the self-help books and articles when we're trying to figure out an issue - the ones on baby sleep schedules, how to get a toddler to listen, or ten ways to clean the bathroom more efficiently. And while those resources can truly be incredibly helpful, where does the gospel fit in all of that? How does what Christ did for us on the cross play into the goldfish ground into bits on your rug, or the fact that you picked that baby doll off the floor literally 37 times today, but somehow it keeps showing up under your feet?

How does the healing of our hearts, on that day more than 2,000 years ago - how does it change the mundane into the miraculous? The trenches into truth?

In short: How does the gospel impact our every day activities as moms?

And that's what Emily and I will be talking about each week on the Risen Motherhood podcast. We're tackling some hefty topics: mothering with eternity in mind, self-care, postpartum body image (Eeeek!), gospel instruction for children, and marriage and motherhood. To be terribly honest, I'm both thrilled and terrified to release each episode. It's been such a long time in the making it feels so exciting to finally launch it, but at the same time, making a podcast is so much more difficult than it seems. As with anything, there are a million things I could critique about it - the sound is fuzzy sometimes because we recorded over Skype (we live five hours apart), Emily is clearly more well spoken and articulate than I (I say "um" and fumble around way more than my speech teacher would have ever approved of), and it always felt like we ran out of time before we could get all the points we wanted to across.

But that's where we trust God will work in the imperfections and flaws. Long before we ever got to the point of recording an episode, Emily and I had to grapple with some serious hesitations and insecurities first. I shared this on Facebook, but I feel it's important to share again here:
  • We both recognize that we are not even close to perfect moms. I may type or say one thing that I hope to be, but my day-to-day is often full of the opposite. I do hope you know that - the difference between the truth I know and preach to myself through the blog and podcast, and the reality of my imperfect, failed motherhood on a daily basis. 
  • We want to acknowledge that we don't have all the answers. Before I agreed, I struggled with feeling like I don't have enough mom "street-cred." Feeling like my kids are too young, I'm too young, to really have any wisdom to share with another mom. What could I offer that's new or credible?
  • We struggled with knowing if we do this, there will be errors. We're human. We're young. We have not arrived. And while our biblical knowledge and theology in motherhood is growing and deepening, we recognize we won't say everything correctly or in that "perfect way" that's both challenging, convicting and true. I was intimidated and fearful of judgment from those that know more.
But I am so thankful that God is bigger than all of these fears. As we worked through each fear, we both still felt the pull to do this was greater than our insecurities. It's not that these issues went away (Not at all!) - it's that the gospel is bigger than our doubts.
Both Emily and I sincerely hope that this podcast will be an encouragement to you - that it will meet you right where you're at and help you feel less alone in your path as a mother. They're short, 15 minute (ish) episodes, so we hope you'll listen in as you're washing dishes for the third time that day, or folding laundry, or hiding in the bathroom - whatevs. 

Our hope and prayer is truly that you will be inspired, challenged and be able to build upon hearing from two flawed, incomplete moms. We pray you will find applicable truth amongst our fumbling and imperfect words and it inspires you to seek more truth and joy in Christ each day.

This podcast is for all of us imperfect moms - who are still learning, still growing and still definitely don't have it all together, who are seeking the gospel one day at a time, to find joy, direction and meaning in motherhood.

Emily also took time today to introduce the podcast on her blog, so check it out to hear her story and learn a bit more about her. And of course, look back here tomorrow for a link to the first podcast and the show notes, which will have links to lots more resources from women wiser than us. 


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