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I'm running an Instagram giveaway with my friend's Etsy shop, Little Lady Headbandz - head over to my Instagram account and find the most recent picture of Colette at her birthday party to find all the details to win! It's simple, promise. 

Anyone else suffering from the dry, winter air? Finally pulled the trigger and got ourselves a whole-house humidifer based on House Tweaking's recommendations. While we're having to fill it up nearly every day to get the house up to proper humidity, I can finally wear my clothes without getting shocked and Colette's hair isn't sticking with static-cling to her head any longer. If you live in a cold-weather state, I highly recommend. 

A new shop with some great options to put encouragement and scripture on your walls. 

I halved this recipe for chocolate cake for Mike's birthday last week and it is by far the best cake I've ever made. I ended up putting the batter in two small glass pyrex's (lined with parchment and sprayed with cooking spray), to make a mini-cake (think: smash cake size). It was the perfect dessert for two. I had a little batter left over, so I made a couple cupcakes for Eli and it was all he could talk about for a week. Make this cake for your next party. Make it for your next date night in. Make it NOW. 

"It’s tempting to let things go. We’re tired. We’re weary. We’re exhausted. We feel like it won’t make a difference. We just want a moment’s peace. We have let our once-high goals drop down to what we feel are more attainable levels. We think they won’t notice, and so we delay asking for forgiveness. But the truth is, we’ve been waiting too long and we know it. It’s worth it to the work on the front end to teach the way you WANT things to be, rather than fighting bad habits later." A great article on waiting too long to deal with things in our lives. Lately, I've been having to back track on a few things with Colette because, second child and I'm tired, but I know if I would have just dealt with things at the time, we wouldn't be where we are. A good reminder, head over to Jess Connell's blog to read more. 

I used to prep for my week on Mondays (doing things like this), but have recently switched to Sundays - and I have found myself much more productive during the week. If I can, I sometimes even like going to the grocery store kid-free on a Sunday so I can take my time and not worry about the kids getting antsy. But I never go to Costco without the kids. Always save that for Monday over the lunch hour so you can feed them samples as lunch and not have the mess at home. #momprotip

Instagram husband. I hate to admit it, but there have been times I've made mine be one. But generally, I don't like being in front of the camera, so thankfully for him it's few and far between. Either way, this is hilarious.

I just want to say another thank you to all of you for your amazing support with Risen Motherhood! Emily and I can't believe how well it has been received and are so thankful you all are willing to put up with our "um's," "I forgot what I'm trying to say's," and background fuzz. You all are the best and we're super excited to continue the show! This Wednesday is postpartum body image so get excited for some real talk. Emily most definitely makes reference to "loose, hanging skin."  Eeeeeeek!

I love, love, love the Healthy + Whole series on A Couple Cooks. If you're not reading it, start now. I'm going to bet you'll relate with at least some of the topics they cover. 

Top pieces of advice for first time moms from my friend, Madison at Espresso and Cream. Couldn't agree with this list more!


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