Eli's Colorful Toddler Room

The other day I was looking back at how Eli's room has evolved over the years - it's crazy to see how the same things can be repurposed in so many different ways! If you want to look back as well, here's his nursery, and his first "toddler room." 

In the new house, Eli got a fairly large room and he upgraded to a queen bed after he started climbing out of his crib. He got the upgrade because mom and dad got one too - we finally have a master bedroom large enough for a king! Hallelujah!

Here's what the room looked like before (listing photo). In the renovation, we didn't do nearly as much upstairs as we did downstairs, but we did replace all the carpet and paint every inch of wall/trim/ceilings/closets in existence. We also replaced all the light fixtures, outlets, switches and their covers. So basically, just one huge face-lift. 

As I mentioned in the post about Colette's room, my plan was to do the kid's room on as small of budget as possible, since I wanted the majority of our funds to go to decorating the main level. Since we had to leave the curtains at our last house, the grey linen curtains and black rod are new, from Ikea. But I did take the black-out linings with me and just reattached them here. 

The pouf is from our old living room - perfect for Eli and Mike's wrestling matches and the art and frames are all either free/made or repurposed from our last house. 

The light is old. Before we moved from our Minneapolis house, I replaced all the fixtures with $20 Ikea lights so I could keep all our fixtures and install them in the new house. I'm so glad I did. We needed to replace all the lights in this house and it saved us a ton of money and time to have fixtures at the ready.

I DIY'd the headboard from a scrap piece of wood we had for another project. I just wrapped it in foam, batting and three yards of blue linen fabric from Joann Fabric. We mounted it to the wall with hardware from Home Depot and it makes this spot so much better for reading books before bed. All the pillows are either from Eli's old room or from our old basement.  While the sheets are old, I did purchase a new comforter, duvet insert and matching pillow covers from Ikea. 

The floor lamp used to be in our old basement, originally from CB2. The garden stool is from Eli's old room.  It was a Home Goods find, and it has been painted nearly every color in the rainbow, though it has stayed this light blue for a few years now.

It can be hard to know how to decorate a larger room - especially when you have a lot of wall space to fill on a minimal budget. I actually originally made the bunting to go in the playhouse in the back yard, but as a happy accident, made way too much, so I put it up here on Eli's wall. 

It was so easy, I think I made it in about 30 minutes of mindless work - and that was with toddler and a baby around trying to help! I made the bunting by just cutting random colors of construction paper out in triangles and taping them to a piece of red and white baker's twine. I hung it with three nails across the wall, so it was strong enough to not fall down. It's just high enough to be out of Eli's reach when he stands on the bed. 

Eli's closet is massive - and it's nearly empty. It has a few storage type items, but to make things easier for us, we actually store all his clothing, diapers (for night time) and underwear/socks in the bins you see (From the container store originally.) The Ikea bookcase traveled with us from our old house as well. The growth chart was something I DIY'd a few years back, and it's fun to have found a more prominent place to display it. 

While I won't go through where each item is from, all the decor is from our last house, almost all sentimental items filled with meaning for our family.  I know this wall is a bit busy, but I can't bear to take anything away because I love the story behind every item so much! If your curious, some of the items are detailed out in this post. 

While I probably should have, I didn't remove his sound machine, video monitor camera, or any of the other daily-use type items. When I see pictures of other kid-rooms, I always wonder where they put stuff like that, so I left them out when taking these shots so you can see. 

You might recognize the stool from this post and the bear banner was something I made for his old room, which thankfully, fit perfectly behind his door in his new room.

And that's it. Thankfully his room came together super quickly and easily and we all love how happy and bright it is!


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