This Is How I Feel, XXIV

When my plane landed to kick-off a KID-FREE vacation.

When a mom runs out of wipes and asks me to borrow one.  

When I hear a really good version of "Wheels on the Bus" on youtube and I can't help but sing in the kitchen.

When my toddler comes out of his room after bedtime and sneaks up on my husband and I. 

When my husband was three minutes late picking me up from the airport after flying by myself with a toddler and a baby. #inearlydied

When my toddler eats without making a huge mess and I want him to know I appreciate it.

When I realize people overheard all those animal noises I was belting out with my toddler.

When my kids are playing quietly and sweetly together and I can't believe it.

When I see a dirty child that's not mine come up to me wanting to be held. #wheresyourmother

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