Backyard Camping & Becoming A Mom of "Yes"

Why is it that summer days always seem to go so much more quickly, and the weeks feel so much fuller? As a SAHM to two under three, it's not like my schedule changes at all. There's no "last day of school," summer camps or sports, so I'm still trying to figure out why it feels like we're running around like crazy to get things done. Lately, between adoption paperwork, outside projects (like Risen Motherhood) and traveling, it's been hard to really slow down and enjoy the summer.

I feel like I'm often having to say, "no," or "hurry up," or "we don't have time for that," and after a while I realized that was about all I was saying. So halfway through June, I decided it was time to change my tune, and become a mom of a bit more "yes." With the longer days, it's easier to keep the kids up later – and easier to keep their good attitudes with all the fun things there are to do outside. Eli's been asking to go camping since Christmas, so one random Saturday when he asked yet again, instead of thinking about how much work it would be and how late a bedtime he'd end up having, I just said "yes."

"Yes! Camping! Wonderful idea!"

You shoulda seen the look of shock on that kid's face.

So Mike and I set up the tent in the backyard and I grabbed a snack for the kids since I knew it'd put off dinnertime (and bedtime) quite a bit. I love pulling out snacks like FLYJOY bars, since they have such long-lasting, healthy energy from ingredients like quinoa, chia, flax and nut butter. Colette can get pretty fussy in the evenings, but having something to munch on quickly puts her in a good mood. As soon as the tent was up, both kids had a blast just playing in it while it was empty – in the future, I plan on setting it up on random days just as a clubhouse for them to play in.

As soon as we brought in Eli's sleeping bag, he promptly requested that we all go immediately to bed and he put all his gear in the little tent pocket while "sushing" all of us as loud as he could. First time I've ever heard that kid request to go to bed.

Of course, what's camping without a campfire? After we put Colette down inside (the beauty of camping in your own backyard), we built a fire and made s'mores with "marsh-pillows." As soon as he was done with the sweet treat, Eli continued his requests to go to bed immediately, so I went inside to sleep in the AC and a bed with a mattress, and Eli and Mike had a "boys night" sleeping under the stars.
Even a week later and every time I ask Eli what his favorite part of his day was, he still says, "When I went camping with you and daddy and made "marsh-pillow s'mores." 

And that my friends, is why it's worth slowing down summer – and becoming a mom of "yes."

This post was sponsored by FLYJOY. 


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