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Welcome! I'm glad you're here. My name is Laura and I live in Chicago. I'm married to Mike and I'm lucky enough to have two little bambinos, Eli (April 2013) and Colette (December 2014), am pregnant with my third (coming June 2017), and we're currently in the process of adopting two more from Bulgaria. 

Over the years here, I've written about a lot of things, decorating, cooking, gardening, DIY, motherhood, marriage, you name it, I've dabbled in it. And over the 6.5 years I wrote here, as I found less and less time to write, I realized that if I'm going to take time to share, it should be about the most important thing in the world to me: Jesus Christ's sacrifice and God's redemptive plan. So while much of my writing here began to become more gospel-focused in the last few years, in 2016 I co-founded a podcast called Risen Motherhood with my sister-in-law all about gospel-hope for moms. As the ministry grew, I had to make some difficult decisions about where to spend my time, so in January 2017 I released this space and now invest full-time into Risen Motherhood.

While I hope you'll feel free to browse the archives here at Oakland Avenue, I also hope you'll come join us over at Risen Motherhood. If you're a mom, you know motherhood is hard, holy work and often, it can be pretty easy to lose heart and feel alone in your journey. But you are anything but alone. At Risen Motherhood, we are a group of mothers who want more out of their role as a mom. There are way too many mixed messages in the world today, making us feel like one moment we're doing an okay job, and the next like the worst mom on the planet.

But the gospel changes everything. The gospel brings long-lasting, refreshing truth and encouragement to a mother, reminding her that it is in the flaws and imperfections of her motherhood God's glory shines the most. Whether we realize it or not, the gospel affects everything in a mother's life - potty training, washing dishes, choosing a schooling method, the drive to work, and even the clothes we wear.

If you're longing for a hope in your motherhood journey, come join us over at Risen Motherhood. It's a community of imperfect moms – still learning, still growing and still definitely don't have it all together, seeking the gospel one day at a time to find joy, direction and meaning in motherhood. Redemption matters momma, and we can't wait to remind you of all the ways the power and blessing of the work accomplished by Christ on the cross matters to your everyday mundane.

You can tune into the podcast on the website or iTunes or join us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for daily encouragement in your journey. And if you want to follow a bit more of my personal journey through adoption, baby #3 or just what I'm up to that day, come find me on my personal Instagram account, @laurawifler.

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