11 time-saving apps that make real estate agents more useful

The ability to use our time and efforts through apps is critical to business growth. Real estate apps help you provide faster service to your customers and, if used correctly, they will also help you run your business more efficiently.

Whether you want to track your spend, speed up the delivery of information to your customers, or improve your professional content delivery, there’s an app for that. Here are my 11 favorite real estate apps every real estate agent should be using.

1. Warning

In many of our interactions, whether in person or on the phone, we meet people we know very little about. Forewarn gives us the ability to immediately collect information about people before we meet them in person.

Forewarn provides accurate phone numbers, address history, possible criminal records, and public real estate records of the person you are reviewing. It provides a quick security assessment for brokers prior to first meeting clients and detailed information about the prospect’s current and past property portfolio.

We use the tool not only for security reasons, but also to find exact phone numbers for property owners. The database is one of the most accurate sources of phone numbers that we have found.

2nd step

Stride helps us track mileage and other expenses in a precise way through its app. It has the ability to automatically upload your miles, which is an efficient way to keep accurate records.

It also allows you to import expenses from your bank account and take photos of receipts. Additionally, it helps you find deduction options by suggesting potential write-offs for your business.

This tool can also be seamlessly integrated into the tax preparation software, which is an additional convenience. So if you are looking for a business tax app that is great for real estate professionals, this is the one for you.

3. Videolicious

Videolicious is a video editing tool that allows you to create professionally edited videos in no time. Some of the features include the ability to merge different videos recorded on your phone, add voiceover / narration, and choose your background music and text.

Videolicious allowed me to edit professionally styled videos (which used to be hours) Within seconds. If you want to quickly assemble great looking videos right from your phone, this is the app you should check out.

4. Your iPhone’s scanner

The iPhone scanner lets you scan documents right on your phone, saving the time and effort of the real estate agent on the run. (There are other apps like Adobe Scan and Clear Scan for Android users as well.) To use it:

  • Open the notes area on your iPhone.
  • Select a note or create a new note.
  • Tap the camera key, then tap Scan Documents.
  • Tap the shutter button, then drag the corners to fit the document to the screen.
  • Tap Save or add more documents to the scan.

In the fast moving market we are in, our ability to scan and deliver documents directly from our phones could be the key factor in winning contract negotiations for our customers.

5. EasyMeasure

The EasyMeasure app uses your phone’s camera to measure distances. Whether you’re measuring out rooms to upload your new listing to the MLS, or determining the size of a bedroom while showing off a home, this app will make your life as a realtor easier.

You no longer need to have someone hold the end of the tape measure for you. There is a reason for the word “easy” in the name of this app.

6. bomb bomb

With BombBomb, you can record video and send it to anyone (via SMS or email) right from your phone or computer. This makes it easy to send a quick pre-recorded video to new online leads if, for example, you’re busy showing off a property or can’t get in touch right away.

I also love that BombBomb lets you see when and how often the prospect is watching the video – which is one of my favorite features. In short, it’s a great app to use on your phone. In fact, it’s also one of my most used apps for email communication.

7. DocuSign

Speed ​​to signature has never been more important to our business than it is now. DocuSign allows you to send documents for electronic signature directly from your phone.

DocuSign gives you the advantage of the speed that can give your customers the edge they need to win the house of their dreams. Electronic signature apps like DocuSign are a must-have for real estate professionals today.

8. Adobe Lightroom

Presenting professional photos that are well lit and visually appealing has become an essential practice in our marketing presentations. Whether it’s listing photos or something on social media, a professionally edited photograph can really make you stand out.

Enter Adobe Lightroom. With this powerful photo editor, you can turn boring photos into stunning content right from your phone. You can access premium presets (or in other words, photo settings and filters pre-developed by professional photographers) right in the app.

If you want to improve your photo game, this is the app for you.

9. Audible

We spend a lot of time in our vehicles doing our daily activities. By providing a platform to listen to audiobooks and podcasts, Audible enables you to learn on the go.

No matter what area you want to expand your knowledge in, Audible has an audiobook or podcast that can help. I use it all the time and I find that it is one of the most effective apps that helps me grow myself and my business.

10. calendar

Calendly is the best tool I know for making appointments – without all the emails trying to find a time that is good for you and your customers.

It looks at your appointments and determines the times when you are available. (You can also set your availability from within the app.) This allows you to block time and schedule it for things like prospecting or personal time.

If you don’t control your schedule, then your schedule will control you. Calendly helps you stay in control of your most important asset: your time.

11. Google Drive

Google Drive is the tool developed by Google for storing and synchronizing files. This is where we store all of our property related documents, property photography, videos, and any other item that we want to access anytime via the Google Drive app on our phones.

Google Drive really brings it all together for us. It’s a centralized place to access everything we need on the go. If you’re looking for a place to organize and keep your documents and photos, Google Drive is a good solution for that.

Finding efficiency gains through apps can help you work smarter, not harder. Using the 11 apps listed in this article helped me, and I wholeheartedly believe they can help you too.

Jimmy Burgess is the Chief Growth Officer of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Beach Properties in Florida, northwest Florida. Connect with him Facebook or Instagram.

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