3 Moments That Made Move Inc. CEO David Doctorow

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Move Inc. has had a good year.

After a slump in 2020, the company that operates realtor.com and is owned by News Corp. , announced in August that sales recently rose 30 percent to nearly $ 2.5 billion.

This change in Move’s skill is presided over by CEO David Doctorow, a former eBay and Expedia executive who has led the real estate technology company for nearly two years. Doctorow has historically expressed its belief that real estate needs to be made easier for consumers. During his tenure at Move, he made important decisions regarding the company’s human resources, acquisitions, and offerings that highlight a proactive vision of the company’s future.

Doctorow will be performing at Inman Connect Las Vegas next month. Ahead of this event, he recently sat down with Inman to discuss three key moments that made him the leader he is today.

A childhood in Paris

When Doctorow was 7 years old, his father got a job that had to move the family to Paris. They stayed for about two years, during which time Doctorow and his parents toured most of Western Europe. It was an eye-opening time.

“It was this experience over those years, going to different places, going to an international school with students from 50 different countries that taught me about culture and empathy,” said Doctorow.

He went on to remember his first encounter with snails as food. The young Doctorow was in a Parisian restaurant that has been in operation for centuries, and both his father and the waiter mentioned that the common garden pest was actually on the menu.

“My first reaction was like what? Why would anyone want to eat this? ”Doctorow remembered.

However, after the initial shock wore off, Doctorow decided to take a risk and give slugs a try. And to his own surprise, he liked it. The experience has stayed with him to this day and continues to remind him to stay curious and be open to new things.

“It was a very memorable experience to realize that something I would have thought disgusting was actually incredibly delicious,” he said. “It was an analogue of what happened when I was exposed to the world during those years.”

Doctorow said his time in Europe as a child ultimately helped him adopt a leadership style that emphasized empathy, curiosity, and humility.

“This experience in my childhood continues in the appreciation of the organizational culture to this day,” he said.

A youth leadership camp

As a teenager, Doctorow joined his high school marching band. By the time his junior year began, he had risen to become drum major – the leader of the band.

But despite the role and the fact that he had strong role models in his life, Doctorow said he didn’t necessarily see himself as a leader as a teenager.

However, in the summer before his junior year began, his role as drum major enabled him to attend a week-long leadership camp. It turned out to be a life changing experience.

“It went from being a title, a leader, to something very personal that was more about a mindset and approach than a title,” he recalls.

Doctorow described the camp as a “crash course” in leadership best practices, and it was an early example of when he began to think critically about skills like listening and challenging those around him. He learned how to employ people and how to ask questions.

It was a brief moment, but Doctorow was soon able to demonstrate his new skills.

“I was so excited to learn more and more about how to be a leader,” said Doctorow. “And then I went back to my band and was able to start conducting these rehearsals. During this time I really fell in love with the idea that as a manager you can really make a difference for the people around you. “

Of course, Doctorow has gained a lot more leadership experience and training over the years. But that early moment worked like a spark and helped him find a course that would put him in top positions at many big-name companies – including Move.

“Boy, I’m grateful for this moment,” he added of the camp. “It changed me forever.”

An important mentor

In 2011, many years after his years in Paris and drums, Doctorow finally joined Expedia as Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer. He stayed with the travel company for about five years, during which time he worked under then-CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, who now heads Uber.

“That five-year experience of working side by side with him, coaching me and watching him has made me the leader I am now,” said Doctorow.

Doctorow praised Khosrowshahi for seeing both the big picture of what was going on in the company and small issues that needed to be addressed. Khosrowshahi has always been approachable and, as one would expect from a web-based company like Expedia, “finally tending to solve problems by putting technology at the center,” recalls Doctorow.

Doctorow went on to point out some of Move’s recent successes. Web traffic has risen to historic levels, he noted, while realtor.com overtook its competitors and reached new sales highs. Doctorow said that ultimately the company has become more disciplined and focused on doing fewer things really well. And he combined these many successes with leadership experiences that he had learned at Expedia.

“I refer to my experience working with Dara [Khosrowshahi]“Doctorow said, adding that he still regards his former boss as a friend and mentor.

Despite his long résumé, Doctorow said he was still “just beginning” in his career. But in the end, he also found that his experience with Khosrowshahi was a recurring theme among the most important moments in his life.

“I think what I’m getting out of these three moments as a topic,” Doctorow concluded, “is this underlying desire to learn and keep improving.”

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