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Every year when Labor Day is over I feel like everyone switches to full fall mode. That means, in just a week, we’ll see more and more pumpkins on porches, cider, and (in some parts of the country) leaf changes. Thought I’d share some fall inspirations today as part of it my Scrollstopper blog series. The first time you see a scroll stopper’s blog post, you might be wondering what a scroll stopper is! Scroll stoppers are a small compilation of pictures that I found in the last week and that stop me completely in the middle of scrolling because they are so breathtaking. If you’d like to see more blog posts about scroll stoppers, click here [HERE]


This photo by @toni_marianna is one that I always refer to for fall decorations. The different colors and textures she uses on this cozy autumn table are sooo beautiful! When decorating tables, I like to work in shifts. From the wicker basket in the back to the tapering candles, you can see the different layers that Toni used in this table!


This table set up by @ellaclaireblog is so light and airy! Since you’re from Michigan, fall is a time when you really see the days getting shorter. We see the sun less and less and the bright natural light seems to disappear. This table landscape is a breath of fresh air for autumn decorations!


Every fall season here in Michigan, families gather at cider mills and apple orchards. It’s such a fun activity for fall. When I see this photo from @julesdenby, I’m so excited for this seasonal event. I can smell these warm donuts through this photo.


When it comes to Halloween, I like to add a few decorative items here and there to our already overcrowded fall decorations. @keeleymckendree did a great job adding just that to this kitchen vignette. While you’re more than welcome with the Christmas decorations, you can also go the minimalist route and just add a few things!


Check out all these beautiful colors! @lovesarahschneider got me so excited to decorate our porch with a beautiful selection of brightly colored pumpkins. Don’t have a font veranda? No problem!

When do you start decorating for fall? Is it too early for your taste? Let me know on Facebook or Instagram. Thanks for checking out the blog today and every day!

xx Liz Marie

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