6 ways to style your home for fall!

I love every season for different reasons, but I think fall might be my favorite! There is something about making yourself comfortable inside with a sweater and blanket after the warm summer season. There are so many ways to decorate fall too! Whether you layer pumpkins, dried leaves, or just layer with a few pears, how to style and decorate yourself for your version of cozy is entirely up to you! Below are 6 inspiring blog posts to help you style your home for fall. I know it’s mid-August and many of you may not be ready to start thinking about transitioning to fall decorating, and that’s fine! I now enjoy checking out fall inspiration to prepare for items that I may need to purchase, as now is the perfect time to do so before items sell out! If you’d like to see more fall blog posts, click here [HERE].

Ultimate fall porch

Building an autumn porch every year is something I really enjoy taking the time to do. If you know me, you know I have to do anything for our porch. So of course I had to share last year’s ultimate fall veranda with you guys! In the blog post I will share with you how I approach our autumn porch every year. It has roughly the same elements, with little twists to make it a little different every year. Click here [HERE] to see how last year’s fall porch turned out and how you can make your own!

How to make a cider bar

I wanted to share this great base with myself whenever we have people over or we want to do something special for our family … to create a super simple and pretty cider bar! I’m so excited to share this cider bar with you guys because here in Michigan, apples are huge this fall. We have 15 million apple trees here in Michigan, over 775 family-owned apple orchards in Michigan, and that many apple orchards near our farm. To see what it takes to create your own cider bar, click here [HERE].

Autumn amber bottle attachment

I feel like I am a girl who “needs what you have” when it comes to everyday decor and seasonal decor. I love to transform my antique finds and everyday objects into a seasonal look. In a blog post I wrote last year, I used some amber bottles that I had collected over the years to create this amber centerpiece! To see more of what I’ve used, click here [HERE].

Simple autumn coat

For this blog post, I created a super simple fall fireplace look that I tried two ways on our mantelpiece in the front living room. You don’t need a lot of pumpkins or stems or other seasonal decorations to get a nice fall look. This look is also great for fireplaces that have art hanging over them or a TV that you don’t want to block. If you want to see what I used for this mantelpiece, click here [HERE].

Collected rustic autumn mantelpiece

I really enjoy creating different ways that you can style a mantelpiece! So here’s another option with feed, rustic, gold, and muted greens. I wanted it to feel like a very antique, found, gathered mantelpiece with classic pieces that I gathered over time. I’ve put together a little “recipe” to share with you the parts I used to make this mantelpiece so you can recreate it yourself! You can see the full look with what I used here [HERE].

The best pear decor in autumn

I love adding pears to my interior as we move from summer to fall. I’ve found these work great for both seasons and are a perfect transition crop! For the summer, decorate with fresh pears for a clean and crisp look. Then, to transition into the fall months, add cozier textures and elements to bring out the cozy factor. In this blog post, I am sharing different ways you can incorporate pears into your fall decorations. Check it out here [HERE].

How do you like to decorate for autumn? Do you like to keep things simple or the more decor the better? Let me know what you think on Facebook or Instagram! Thanks for checking out the blog today and every day!

xx Liz Marie

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