7 Real Estate Listing Video Tools That Will Grab Buyers’ Attention

August is Listings Tech at Inman. All month long, we’ll be on listing technology, a conversation that includes portals to single listing sites, landing pages, 3D tours, photography, videos, advertising, and more.

The listing video has evolved from an automated slide show of pictures to cheesy stock music to highly produced Hollywood-style short films.

However, as with all things, the most effective and practical style of listing videos falls somewhere in the middle, and there are all kinds of tools out there to help you make that listing stand out on both large – and small – screens.

This month, Inman explores the multi-faceted, deeply nuanced concept of listing technology, and the impact of digital shareable video on property marketing is a major factor in how consumers respond to available properties.

Let’s take a look at seven video technology providers helping Inman readers shine online with custom real estate productions, social media-enabled videos, and additional lead generation tactics. The more original content you can create for an ad, the more it can stand out in the marketplace. However, video is still underutilized.

Because online content tends to thrive in the long run, video created today will help you market for tomorrow. And one last thing, the marketplace is getting happier buying unseen, and videos are critical to helping your seller get better deals in less time.

1. Play lists

New York-based Replay Listings is a video creation app that encourages agents to create quick, authentic tours of available homes.

The company is relatively aloof when it comes to what the videos can contain, but stresses that they should be dialogue-free and under two minutes long. It doesn’t include in-app editing or fancy graphics, but opts for simple, straightforward real estate videos instead.

Think of it as video-based MLS. It doesn’t push production quality or marketing beyond its intended purpose, which is to help agents and their clients get a better visual understanding of an available property before arranging a physical appointment.

2. Phixer

Similar to BoxBrownie, where users upload content, add some context and get something much better in return, Phixer customers only need to upload a series of individual video clips and have a professionally edited promotional video within a day.

Your video contains image correction, music, and branding elements. And just like BoxBrownie, Phixer uses a team of talented foreign editors to make changes while you sleep and help you market offers when you are awake.

3. Kerbox media

It was a long time before former agent Bill Kerbox caught my attention. He was early on in the video marketing game – too early, as a matter of fact. Time was on his side, however, and now Kerbox is producing some compelling content for real estate agents, teams, and national franchises.

This is not an app or algorithm that creates pre-made videos. Kerbox works individually with clients to create unique video projects, helps market your content, and can also help create general branding content.

Kerbox admits he’s glad to see more agents taking video and getting on camera, but he’s confident that with little extra time and investment, going from home improvement to professional, polished product won’t be difficult.

4. Real estate fairs

This service will not impress with its show crew, so to speak, but its efficiency deserves encore applause. It uses an MLS connection and street address to automate the creation of improved slideshows at low cost.

And yes, while it’s simple, it also means that when you upload source images to the MLS, you’re better off showcasing your best image.

A great added value is that Real Estate Shows then uses your video in an contained single property website. This is a quick, near-all-inclusive listing marketing package.

5. Vuse

The former Chief Operating Officer of Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates and an award-winning filmmaker and creative mind have come together in a company called Vuse, which offers a video production app for the real estate industry.

Videos are optimized for social sharing and ideal for advertising campaigns. They come with ready-to-use templates and the ability to add custom content and branded “approvals”. There are also list and queue suggestions for in-app formatting. Cool.

6. RoomVu

As with real estate shows, Roomvu helps brokers market and create their video content. Accounts come with all kinds of market-specific content and templates, as well as lead generation features that direct viewers to calls-to-action.

For the most part, videos are graphical and statistical in nature and are designed to quickly convey useful market data in a social media environment. Roomvu also includes flexible planning tools, floor plan builders, professional rental video production services, and a photographer clearinghouse for US cities including San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Seattle, and Toronto and Vancouver, Canada.

7. TruPlace

This is a marketing company that enables agents to capture content for various tour types themselves or to pass it on to one of TruPlace’s national photographers. They range from simple slideshow videos to walk-through videos that start by highlighting the curb’s appeal. You can also add aerial photos.

All TruPlace products are published with unique URLs and each video can be made MLS-enabled via Vimeo or branded for YouTube. The company also sells a wide variety of rich real estate photography content, including floor plans, virtual staging, and twilight edits.

Keep in mind that listing technology encompasses a wide variety of tools and tactics to aid in selling real estate. Every Facebook ad, email campaign, and landing page you create is a chapter in your listing’s history, and the video will likely be the first buyer flips to.

Keep listing videos easy, concise, and shareable. And always make sure that the viewer knows where to turn in the end.

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Craig C. Rowe started at the start of the commercial real estate dot-com boom, helping a number of commercial real estate companies build their online presence and analyze internal software decisions. Now he helps agents with technology decisions and marketing by reviewing software and tech for Inman.

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