8 Cutting-Edge Listing Tech Tools You Should Know About

Real estate data is an ecosystem, a cyclical, self-replicating entity that connects every transaction. Here are some of the companies that are helping create this new reality and they will all be there at Inman Connect Las Vegas October 26-28.

August is Listings Tech at Inman. All month long, we’ll be on listing technology, a conversation that includes portals to single listing sites, landing pages, 3D tours, photography, videos, advertising, and more.

It’s Listing Tech Month at Inman, and many of the emerging and long-standing innovators featured this month will be able to showcase their merchandise in real time when Inman Connect Las Vegas launches in October.

Needless to say, the Inman people wouldn’t be more excited to get back together in a few months. It’s hard to find a single real estate power source that’s as vibrant as a connect show. And after so many months, it’s probably more electric than ever.

Part of what makes Connect such a powerhouse of creativity is its exhibitors and sponsors, many of whom come from the world of listing technology and are contributing to a new era in real estate that is about more than just commissions .

Today’s listing is about data: price data, lead data, market data, even mortgage and environmental data. It’s just as important to the life of the market as the money behind it.

With every house that is sold, we are better equipped to sell the next one. Real estate data is an ecosystem, a cyclical, self-replicating entity that connects every transaction, and here are some of the companies that are helping shape this new reality. We will see us in October.


This sleek, data-driven presentation tool helps agents do more than just attract customers. It helps buyers see homes and better understand sellers that market data drives transactions, not new kitchen cabinets.


Offers need to be seen now – not when it’s good for the sellers. Buyers demand online tours, and Asteroom is all about them. With Asteroom’s sleek rotating camera base and companion app, agents can use their existing smartphone to capture an entire house in minutes.


Like many other CRMs in the industry, CINC has developed some powerful listing marketing tools that can combine local MLS data with intelligent lead generation resources. Agents can collect and track long-term buyer data and accurately measure the performance of their marketing.

Drop offer

Ever had a buyer who wanted a home that wasn’t for sale? DropOffer is an app that turns off-market homes into potential deals by sending current owners a formal offer for their home. After all, it’s all for sale, isn’t it?

Within real estate

IRE’s powerful business solutions help large brokerage firms massively in the market without losing brand consistency or missing out on the latest listing technology. From landing pages to recruiting tools, the kvCORE solution from Inside Real Estate supports the industry at all levels.


Marketing is essential to ensure that the right audience finds a listing, and online automated solutions like data-first marketers give agents the intelligence to get it right. Smarter marketing equates to a smarter market.


A powerful solution that helps agents uncover leads by uncovering their use of data. This sophisticated software delves deep into the treasure trove of publicly and privately available information to create impressive lead lists of “likely moves” for customers.


Zenlist is a collaborative search experience developed by a collective of more than 80 national real estate agents to prevent your clients from stepping into the “black hole of internet lead capture”. In short, don’t let portals and award-winning advertisers steal your buyers.

It is expected that more technology exhibitors in the listing will become part of the Connect Showcase and at the same time become part of what makes the listing what it is today.

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Craig C. Rowe started at the start of the commercial real estate dot-com boom, helping a number of commercial real estate companies build their online presence and analyze internal software decisions. Now he helps agents with technology decisions and marketing by reviewing software and tech for Inman.

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