Accelerated method speeds up Florida bridges removal

When building a bridge over the busy I-95 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida was deemed necessary to widen the lanes of the Interstate Highway, construction managers from Archer Western and De Moya Group initially envisioned a two-step demolition process of 30 days .

Instead, heavy haulage and transportation company Mammoet came up with an alternative plan that consisted of closing the freeway for just eight hours overnight, lifting the 1,082-tonne bridge span from its anchorages, and demolishing it along I-95 south transport.

Six trains of eight-row self-propelled modular transporters equipped with 250-ton jacks lifted the bridge from its abutments in May to move it south along I-95 to a demolition site. This approach only took three hours and reduced traffic obstruction by several weeks.

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Mammoet’s use of the Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) method Not only did it shorten the project schedule, it also circumvented the safety risk of crews having to do demolition work while traffic was moving below.

The upgrade of the State Road 94 bridge was part of the I-95 Express Lanes Phase 3C project, which aims to widen the lanes under the bridge and improve the efficiency of the SR 84 intersection. The reconstruction of the SR 84 bridge in a westerly direction will take place after the roadway has been widened and the connection improvement work has been completed.

Multiple hurdles

According to Charlie Fernandes, Market Development Manager at Mammoet, the project was more than one challenge. A quick turnaround between the green light of the ABC plan and its implementation was the first obstacle.

“We had last drawings [and] an execution plan, everything is approved and notified on site within three weeks, ”he said. “An additional challenge was the traffic diversion itself. Even if Mammoet had no leeway, it was a big deal for DOT to close one of the busiest highways in the country for a short window of just eight hours.”

With Mammoet removing the bridge in a three-hour timeframe – less than half the time allotted for lane closures – the team was able to reopen the lanes earlier than planned, he said.

According to the Federal Highway Administration, ABC technologies are changing the way the state is done Points work. Above all, Points Replace bridges within 48 to 72 hours and reduce planning and bridge construction costs by years, according to the agency.

In addition, ABC planning and construction methods, constructions and materials result in safer, more durable bridges with a longer lifespan than conventional bridges, see above FHWA.

Security and Collaboration

The challenges with the Fort Lauderdale project were overcome through “great teamwork and communication,” said Fernandes. Mammoet’s operations team, led by Project Manager James Butler, organized the delivery of all the necessary components, as well as the mobilization of the equipment and the crew required to assemble the equipment.

The crews applied Mammoet’s safety policy called Mammoet Minute, which encourages employees to do a last-minute risk assessment to assess and control the risks each day before starting work.

“Our field construction team always puts safety first when working off the open road,” said Fernandes. “We used our mammoet minute to take the time to use the right tools and all spotters to work together to ensure safe and on-time delivery.”

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