Agent who marketed her business with Capitol Riot pleads guilty to the deal

Jenna Ryan, the Texas real estate agent who livestreamed the January riot, pleaded guilty to an illegal demonstration this week.

After storming the US Capitol, using images of the uprising to halt her real estate business, apologizing to Donald Trump in the waning days of his presidency, and defiantly tweeted that she “definitely wouldn’t go to jail,” Jenna Ryan confessed guilty.

The Texas real estate agent pleaded guilty Thursday to demonstrating at the Capitol, an offense that resulted in a $ 500 fine and a chance of up to six months in prison.

Ryan agreed to plead in a deal with the prosecutor a report from CNN. The deal is similar to what has been made so far with “lowly accused” who were not caught as violent or destructive in the convention halls that day, the news organization reports. She had previously pleaded not guilty on three other charges.

Ryan was initially charged in January knowingly entering a restricted area without permission and obstructing or disrupting the proper conduct of government business.

Ryan’s case has drawn national attention in part for attempting to use her participation in the day’s destructive protests to market her real estate business.

“You all know who to hire for your broker,” she said on Jan. 6 as she filmed the chaotic mob from the Capitol steps. “Jenna Ryan: Your Broker.”

The agent’s defiant demeanor continued into the days and months that followed. In a conversation with local news from Dallas In mid-January, Ryan told the crew they hoped Trump would use his final days in office to pardon them along with other members of the mob.

Protesters who stormed the Capitol steps that day were accused of breaking windows and doors, assaulting police officers and committing other crimes as some of them searched for members of Congress who went into hiding after gathering around to begin formalizing the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Ryan’s case was one of at least two known to involve real estate agents that year. This sparked a discussion within the National Association of Realtors as to whether activity at the Capitol is against the trade group’s guidelines.

The group in January refused to rule out penalties for the brokers involved in the attack. In response to questions from its members, the organization made it clear that it would take part in the Capitol Uprising not necessarily hurt one of his latest guidelines against hate speech against a targeted class.

In the month following the uprising, Ryan said she regretted buying into Trump’s version of events an interview with The Washington Post.

“I bought a lie and the lie is the lie and it’s embarrassing,” she told the newspaper. “I regret everything.”

Prosecutors have requested repentance from other members of the riot, arguing that this could lead a judge to request a shorter sentence, according to CNN reporting.

But Ryan’s public statements are mixed. She highlighted them in a few tweets Expressions of regret. In others she posted defiant defense their behavior and continue to raise doubts about the election result.

Her conviction hearing is slated for November, when she learns whether her participation in the day’s events results in actual jail time.

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