Bid briefing on the revision of the QEII center for the House of Lords

The Restoration and Renewal Delivery Authority plans to solicit opinions from companies who may be interested in bidding for the project.

This includes a briefing package and questionnaire, as well as a briefing session on Microsoft Teams that is scheduled to take place on August 19, 2021.

The Palace of Westminster R&R program is the largest heritage restoration project ever undertaken in the UK and could cost up to £ 12 billion.

A contract notice for the actual restoration and renewal of the parliamentary property will be published in June next year

To make the major restoration project possible, the House of Commons will move to the Northern Estate while the House of Lords will move to the QEII building.

For the QEII conference center, this means an extensive work program for the creation of offices and a new debate room.

Project work overview

• Design completion (depending on the chosen contract strategy)
• Working on the facade
• Extension works and structural changes
• Demolition and construction work up to the roof
• Additional elevator shaft and renovation of existing elevators
• Finishing works including services, interior walls, floors, ceilings and surfaces
• Furniture, furnishings and equipment
• Expansion of the chamber and reception gate line
• External work and public realm
• Testing and commissioning

The supplier feedback obtained from the early engagement consultation is used by the supplier authority to develop their procurement strategy for QEII remediation projects.

The consultation ends on September 23. For more details click here or email Mariana Apostol of the Restoration and Renewal Delivery Authority.

Aaron Morby

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