Brick By Brick founder resigns | news

The founder and CEO of Croydon City Council’s ailing Brick By Brick housing company is due to step down from office early next year after serving more than six years.

Colm Lacey has headed the organization since 2016, which the agency is disbanding.

His departure follows the recent Council decision to decline an offer from Urban Splash to buy the company. Instead, the municipal council decided to liquidate the municipality’s own apartment developer after the land currently under construction has been completed by 2023.

It is expected that Wates will be adopted by the Council to ensure that the expansion of existing programs continues.

Under Lacey, the company, which also owns the architecture firm Common Ground Architecture, tried to provide living space on small landfill lots throughout the district.

Once the work is complete, Lacey will move on to restructure the company to ensure it is ready for the final phase of winding down.

He will also work to ensure that the remaining development program is on track to maximize value to the council.

Lacey said: “As the Council has chosen to operate in a controlled manner, it seems appropriate to me to step down after I have helped the company transition into the final stages. I want to thank my talented and resilient team who have worked with me over the years.

“I have no doubt that many of them will become future leaders in the built environment. It was also a pleasure to work with so many exciting young architecture firms as well as our other committed partners, suppliers, contractors and consultants. “

Brick By Brick will complete construction of 460 homes in 18 locations this fall that were previously owned by the community.

A further 311 apartments will be under construction at five locations. 56% of the completed houses are affordable, with more than half intended as social housing.

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