Building contractors shaken by 15 percent price increase for concrete products

the Inquirer estimates contractors received letters from Creagh Concrete this week listing price increases of 15% for the full range of concrete products.

The increase comes into effect on September 1st and is the most recent increase in the price of materials after sudden increases in the price of steel and bricks.

A key source from contractors said, “We are all facing challenges in the current market, but this is a real blow to get unilateral increases with a week’s notice with no dialogue whatsoever.

“These price increases are imposed on customers who have already committed to fixed-price contracts with their customers – and who have concluded binding supply contracts with Creagh in good faith.”

Creagh is a major supplier of concrete products across the UK from its manufacturing facilities in Northern Ireland, Scotland and England.

The latest results for the company, filed with Companies House for the year ended September 2020, show that it had a pre-tax profit of £ 77,000 on sales of £ 157.4 million.

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