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Diving letter:

  • based in ChicagoArchitecture, engineering, design-build and general contractor company Clayco has continued its expansion westward with the opening of an office in Phoenix.
  • In addition to its more than $ 300 million construction projects currently underway in the greater Phoenix area, Clayco has more than 3.3 million square feet of corporate, industrial, manufacturing and e-commerce facilities in, according to a press release of the region completed. His latest project there, the 309 residential units mixed-use building Skye on the 6th (see above), broke ground last week.
  • Clayco’s decision to open a Phoenix office was due not only to the extensive work the company took on there, but also to the region’s ability to have a sizeable pool of talent in the construction industry, as well as degree programs that nurture future talent bring forth, offer.

Dive Insight:

The move marks the second time in less than three months that the construction company has opened a new office in the western United States Los Angeles office that serves as the base for its operations in Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada and Arizona, where it has a total project portfolio of more than $ 2 billion.

Clayco’s new Phoenix office is located in the Biltmore neighborhood and is led by Executive Vice President Anthony Johnson along with a leadership team made up of Vice President of Economic Development Kim Poole, Vice President of Operations Bryan Zehnder and Project Leader Lindsay Johnson.

“To keep growing, we need to add thought leaders and innovators,” said Johnson. “Phoenix is ​​a rapidly growing area and there are many bright minds in the construction industry.”

The company also hopes to attract new talent from the area’s many colleges, he said.

“You also have a great civil engineering degree from Arizona State University [in suburban Tempe]”, he said. “We are always looking for self-motivated, innovative and entrepreneurial people. And Phoenix is ​​a great market for that type of person. “

When choosing additional office locations in Los Angeles and Greenville, South Carolina, Clayco was also keen to gain know-how and expertise. “It goes back to the talent discussion,” said Johnson. “In these cities there are more and more workers doing our jobs. And there is a growing workforce there making the building materials we need.”

Today’s challenges

While Clayco met an urgent need for talent with the opening of its Phoenix office, the company is not immune to the headaches construction companies across the country are facing. The lack of building materials and labor has proven to be particularly annoying.

“One or the other is challenging because there is a lack of both,” said Johnson. “The unique challenge of the situation we are in right now is the fundamental unpredictability of what will happen next with the escalation of costs.”

If these challenges cannot be fully addressed, they can at least be mitigated through open communication with key stakeholders, Johnson believes.

“Frankly, the strategy we rely on the most is communication,” he said. “We go out of our way to communicate too much with our customers so that we can work with them to implement mitigation strategies. And then we communicate too much with our key suppliers as well.”. We are an open book with them, so they understand our needs and we understand theirs because we want to help our customers and they want to help us. “

Clayco’s growth strategy will be to build its organization around the best talent in the industry. Johnson said, “We’re going where the talent is and where our customers need us.”

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