Comfortable benches for entrance areas, bedrooms and every space in between!

I love to chat with so many of you on my messages because it gives me so many ideas what all of you are looking for when it comes to furniture and home decor. A couple of weeks ago, I happened to have three of you guys who got in touch and asked for benches! What a great blog post summary idea! There are so many different types of benches that will work in any single room. Whether you want benches around a dining room table to make it easy to get together, or a tufted bench at the end of your bed, there are so many uses for a good bench! I’ve put together several cozy benches and I’ll add more when I find them!

Buy all of my cozy bench tips by clicking the images below:

Is there any furniture or home accessories you’ve been looking for and want me to do a roundup? let me know on Facebook or Instagram! Thanks for checking out the blog today and every day!

xx Liz Marie

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