Company on notice as council pushes Middlesex Uni campus plan | news

Middlesex University announces construction companies for a pipeline of new work, with the institution building a new Hendon campus.

The university currently occupies several properties off its campus in central Hendon, north London, which it rents from the Barnet Council.

The university has worked with the council on redevelopment proposals for the center of Hendon known as the Hendon Hub Project.

This program involves encouraging development at a number of sites within the area, including those currently used by the university under council leases.

As part of the Hendon Hub project, the university announced that it now intends to abandon its current leases and enter into new 40-year lease agreements with the Council for the Construction of New Academic Buildings and Student Dormitories.

Once the couple reaches a development agreement, the council will carry out the construction and all associated drainage, landscaping, road construction and infrastructure work to provide these new academic buildings, student dormitories and ancillary facilities as part of the larger Hendon Hub project.

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