Constellation1 introduces accounting and commission management solution

Real estate technology company Constellation 1 announced the introduction of new software for back office accounting and commission management in a press release.

The browser-based software called Constellation1 Commissions can work with several existing products that brokers use to facilitate transactions, namely Point loop and Skyslope. The tool’s transaction wizard creates a simple entry experience for every deal and ensures that the one-time data entry is accurate in every case.

The software also provides a two-way connection to QuickBooks, another popular industry option for financial regulators.

Brokers can use the new system in conjunction with all variations of commission splitting and disbursement agreements, which avoids accounting workarounds or internal processes have to be adjusted due to software restrictions.

Constellation1 Commissions also enables granular authorization structures that allow administrators and agents to enter and monitor only what is relevant to their business and commission agreements.

“There are also several real estate franchise integrations that the brokerage firm can control,” the press release said.

In the new software, Constellation1 puts the emphasis on reporting to help brokers and other users predict business performance, analyze team and agent activities, and generate office-specific reports.

Constellation1 is a division of Constellation Web Solutions Inc. and is part of the Constellation Real Estate Group (CREG). In March 2021, CREG started buying long-established CRM Top producer.

Marketing technology company Paradym was acquired in 2020, one year after collection Mortgage Technology Provider Mortgage Builder and data analysis and lead generation product offers.

Andy Bencosme, broker and co-owner of Century 21 Village Realty, uses Constellation1 Commissions. He said in the press release that he no longer needs to adapt his approach to his software.

“With the new Constellation1 commissions, that has all changed,” he said. “The product improves what a broker wants to do. For us, this has meant reducing the dependency and cost of physical infrastructure, serving agents remotely, streamlining operations, and doing so in a way that works for us and our agents. “

Constellation1 is based in Newport Beach, California.

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