Construction divers survey: are you vaccinated?

In April, when COVID-19 vaccines were available to a large segment of the US population, Construction Dive asked its readers if they would receive the vaccinations.

At this point, 46% of those who had not yet been vaccinated said they had no plans to be vaccinated. That was in line with other polls This found that construction workers rank fourth among all industries in terms of vaccination readiness.

The reasons for hesitation were varied, respondents said, and ranged from those who believe they don’t need to be vaccinated to others who said it was a health risk.

Still, in the past few weeks, coronavirus cases have risen in every state as the Delta variant rages in certain areas of the country, especially those with low vaccination rates. In most states, around 95% of people hospitalized with the coronavirus are unvaccinated.

Construction Dive wants to know how this increasing number is affecting construction sites and whether unvaccinated construction professionals reconsider their decision. Answer our short survey and let your voice be heard. The results will be published next week.

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