Corcoran Global Living expands NorCal’s reach with a new partnership

Corcoran Global Living, a Las Vegas-based subsidiary of the Corcoran Group, hit the jackpot with its recent expansion efforts in the San Francisco Bay Area. CGL announced on Thursday a new partnership with Highland Partners, a 12-year-old luxury boutique brokerage serving buyers and sellers in the East Bay.

Michael Mahon | Photo credit: Corcoran Global Living

“By bringing together the top brokerages, top independent teams and top experts in the industry, we are setting a new bar for service and excellence,” said CGL founder and CEO Michael Mahon in a prepared statement, adding that CGL ” a truly “aligned vision to create and support a culture of growth and collaboration” with the broker guides.

“With our shared ideals and commitment to being a force for positive change in the communities we call home, our success is unstoppable,” he added.

Highland Partners’ brokers and founding partners Heidi Marchesotti, Adam Betta, Debbi DiMaggio and Mindy Sun will retain their leadership roles, with Marchesotti and Betta becoming the new district office directors for CGL’s East Bay operations.

“Our partnership with Corcoran Global Living has presented us with a rare opportunity. We are now uniquely positioned to work with CGL leadership and partners in key Bay Area markets to better serve our customers, ”Marchesotti said. “We’re excited to be part of a new approach to real estate that we know will help our brokers grow.”

Heidi Marchesotti | Credit: Highland Partners

In an email interview with Inman, Mahon said Highland Partners is the perfect partner to grow its presence in East Bay as the two companies already shared common goals and cultures.

“We have many long-term friendships and connections between the executives and employees in our two companies,” he said. “This, combined with our shared vision, which is focused on the luxury market, and our collaborative ‘we and we’ culture, have made this partnership a natural fit.”

“From the moment we brought our teams together, it already felt like a family that is an integral part of what we have built at Corcoran Global Living,” he added. “We’re also very focused on being agent and customer focused and committed to the communities we serve.”

Mahon said his team announced the merger this week and the onboarding process for Highland Partners’ 70 agent team is already underway.

“We’re already celebrating! We started with a great event to welcome all employees and employees and we are onboarding today, ”he said. “We have a great transition team that worked with employees and executives to prepare this partnership to ensure a smooth process so that all of our employees don’t miss a thing and get started right away.”

With this merger, Corcoran Global Living will have 22 offices in the San Francisco Bay, East Bay, North Bay, South Bay and Contra Costa Counties. In total, the subsidiary has 66 offices in California and Nevada with nearly 2,400 agents, representing sales of $ 8.5 billion in 2020.

“The possibilities are endless,” said Mahon of the next steps after the recent partnership with CGL. “Our goal is to unite like-minded, independent top brokers, top teams and independent top real estate experts in all of the markets we serve.”

“When the vision and culture are aligned, there are no limits to growth opportunities,” he added.

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