Costs for skilled construction site work increase by 3.6% in one month

New Hudson Contract salary data shows the median weekly wage for self-employed craftsmen rose to £ 904 in July, bringing them an additional £ 124 over the month.

In the East Midlands, labor costs reached an all-time high of £ 1,014, with demand driven by new redevelopment, housing and infrastructure projects.

Ian Anfield, Managing Director of Hudson said: “The property market is booming, with the price of the average UK home increasing by almost £ 25,000 in the last year.

“We assume that there will be strong demand for new residential and renovation projects for the foreseeable future. The government has committed to major infrastructure investments as part of its “leveling” agenda, which increases confidence in the sector.

“The challenge for construction companies will be to cope with the rising costs caused by the shortage of building materials and skilled workers.

“We encourage ministers to reflect on how the industry can improve access to qualified freelancers from Europe under the new immigration system. Independent subcontractors are the most productive and flexible resource pool in the industry and the UK needs them to deliver these projects on budget and on time. “

Hudson Contract is the UK’s largest provider of tax status and employment contract services to the construction industry, serving more than 2,500 companies across England and Wales.

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