Cozy new line from Hearth & Hand

Thank you for checking out the blog today and I hope you had a great weekend. If you’re like me at this time of year, the Monday labor pains hit really hard. Hoping your week can get off to the best possible start, share a brand new line for Hearth and Hand launching this week!

If you’re starting to think about a cozy transition decoration, this new line of stove and hand on aim really inspired me to pick up on the hints of fall. From cozy textures to fall colors, this line is perfect for this transitional period. Here are some items I love from the new line:

Hope you enjoy this little curated selection of items I’ve put together from the new Stove and Hand line. It really inspires me and makes me rethink all of the fall we’re going to be adding into our home. Thank you again for checking out the blog today and every other day.


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