Createmaster starts Fire and Emergency File

The Fire Safety and Emergency File (FEF) provides specific compliance with the new information available between Gateways 2/3 for all buildings designated as High Risk Residential Buildings (HRRBs) with a height of more than 18 meters or more than six floors must be.

Gateways 2 and 3 are the main risk transfer points where responsibility for the new building is passed to the owner / user after the construction phase.

The FEF is a structured digital template that enhances Createmaster’s existing online platform by enabling the creation of a complete, accurate and reliable inventory of fire safety and other emergency systems installed for HRRBs.

To be completed before Gateway 3, it is then handed over to the end customer together with the O & Ms at the practical conclusion.

The FEF was developed in cooperation with leading customers of housing associations and industry consultants and complies with the guidelines of the best practice policy, which are anchored in the new building safety regulations.

Basically, the Createmaster FEF service solution simplifies the provision of crucial fire protection information and complements the requirements of the existing Reg 38, the updated Fire Protection Act and the Building Safety Act (BSB).

Createmaster’s FEFs help put together a critical information database that ensures that anyone planning, building, or renovating a building has a complete and accurate record of fire strategy and systems for the building and its residents.

It is important that FEFs provide the future building owner and manager with the basic construction information so that they can understand which protection systems are in use in the building. This enables them to formulate the operational, maintenance, and emergency procedures “in action” that are required to create a safe environment for everyone.

In the course of the Fire Protection Act and the newly introduced gateways, FEFs will be a required gateway 3 element for all HRRBs and one of the central information results of the future building safety certificate.

Brian Dodsworth, Createmaster’s Managing Director, said, “We have responded to a number of asset owners and managers who have committed to keeping accurate and complete records of the systems in their buildings.

“Our new FEF extension is designed to help manage the process seamlessly and ensure that the right data is collected and shared at the relevant time. Our team has built a service based on extensive research and development to ensure that no stone is left unturned and ensures that property owners receive complete fire and emergency information when they are handed over.

“Our customers know the challenges they face in the supply chain and need a solution provider who can address them reliably and reliably. This leads to them working with Createmaster to ensure that this important information is available upon handover. “

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