Favorite things on Friday: Fall decor, home updates, and my Friday finds!

Have a good Friday friends! I’ve thought a lot this week about the importance of a cozy home. When the world is crazy and you need a haven to support yourself and your family, a cozy home regardless of size, completion status, or style is the perfect place to cultivate just that. Comfort is different for every family and every home, but comfort is an important feeling that must be created in our rooms so that our house becomes an oasis for everyone who lives there.


We’re only a week away from the Mercantile Market! I am very happy to see so many of you again after not too long. On Friday I have my first book signing of the year on the market! We’ll have copies of Cozy White Cottage and We Belong to Each Other on hand. You can also get a signed sticker for your copy of Cozy White Cottage Seasons when it releases later this fall! You can find more information about the event and purchasing tickets here [HERE].


We’re so close to completely decorating fall! I’m so excited I can’t wait. Well … I’ve only started a little over the past few weeks. So I bought some fake pumpkins this year to see what they look like and friends … they are GOOD. Can you believe that they are not real Check out more of the pumpkins and where to buy your own here [HERE].


You all know how much I love antiques. This year I started my collection of antique Mora watches and recently added two more to my collection. Check out a great resource here to buy your own antique Mora clock [HERE].


5 pictures that inspired me this week!


As mentioned above, autumn is so close and I am so looking forward to decorating more for the cozy time of year. I’ve rounded up some great fall foliage finds for all of your decorating needs. You can look it up. everyone out of here [HERE].


It’s been a while since I’ve shown this room in our house and honestly because it was empty for most of the summer, waiting for furniture! I’m very excited to now share with you the updates we’ve made to it, including some plans for the future! See more of the updates for the front living room here [HERE]!


I am very happy that my new book Cozy White Cottage Seasons will be published this fall. I have so many exciting things planned for launch and a few more freebies for all of you while we wait for it to be launched! If you haven’t pre-ordered the book yet, you can do so here [HERE]. If you’ve pre-ordered the book (thank you, thank you, thank you!) And are looking for where to redeem your freebies, click here [HERE]!


The coziest sweater! I think it could be a new favorite!


Every Friday I like to summarize some of my current favorite finds from the internet. Whether it’s clothes, plants or home accessories – I’ll be happy to share a few cozy items with you in the hope that they will inspire you or just be the missing piece for what you have been looking for.

Shop all of my Friday finds above by clicking the images below:

The world can be a really dark place and I’ve been really looking for some light and positivity lately. I would love to hear something good that happened in your week this week. Let me know on Facebook or Instagram. Thanks for checking out the blog today and every day!

xx Liz Marie

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