Favorite things on Friday: patio updates, a great lighting dupe, and my Friday finds!

Have a good Friday friends! The Mercantile Market was a huge success and as always, now that it’s over, I feel so much emotion. I plan to share more about the market and even some antiques that I brought home next week. This week has been a lot of restful days and recovery after the busy last few months in preparation for the market. A little time to rest, pick a few hydrangeas from the bushes around our house, and even listen to a peaceful rain, is exactly what I needed this week.

Here are some of the things that made me happy this week!


Click here to see 5 pictures that inspired me this week!


Click here [HERE] to view and buy all of my Tuesday treasures this week!


A couple of weeks ago I shared our front living room and the updates we were currently doing to it. It raised a lot of questions about the beautiful crystal chandeliers we hung here last winter. Thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share some great dupes with Crystal Globe pendant lights for the ones we hung. If you want to see all of the great Splurge or Save finds, click here [HERE].


This was the first full summer we could enjoy our pool and boy have we ever! It was a great place to gather together as a family, and we even made some updates to this place! Check out this blog post here [HERE] to see what updates we’ve made and some future plans!


I am very happy that my new book Cozy White Cottage Seasons will be published this fall. We’re starting to plan some really exciting things this fall for all of you to enjoy while we wait in anticipation of the book’s release. I have so many exciting things planned for launch and a few more freebies for all of you while we wait for it to be launched! If you haven’t pre-ordered the book yet, you can do so here [HERE]. If you’ve pre-ordered the book (thank you, thank you, thank you!) And are looking for where to redeem your freebies, click here [HERE]!


Every Friday I like to summarize some of my current favorite finds from the internet. Whether it’s clothes, plants or home accessories – I’ll be happy to share a few cozy items with you in the hope that they will inspire you or just be the missing piece for what you have been looking for.

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What did you like this week? I’d love to hear something good that you liked! Let me know on Facebook or Instagram! Thanks for checking out the blog today and every day!

xx Liz Marie

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