How Real Estate Agents Can Flip a Zillow Listing For Free

In a tutorial video, Guerrilla Realty co-founder Chris Jones shared how two phone calls can help an agent get leads from Zillow.

Zillow is probably one of the most important companies in the real estate industry today.

Regardless of an agent’s personal opinion, using the listing platform to generate leads can be a transformative business strategy.

On Wednesday, Chris Jones, the co-founder of Guerilla Realty, a company that makes lead generation software, gave a video tutorial on how an agent can flip a Zillow listing.

Zillow brings in eyes from across the country. In fact, the average listing on Zillow gets hundreds to thousands of views per month, Jones said. And around 50 percent of the platform’s visitors plan to buy or sell within 105 days.

While many agents feel that they cannot benefit from the platform if they are not a Premier Zillow partner, Jones said they can.

To do this, agents must first download both fizbonanza, a free tool that provides data on local For-Sale-by-Owner (FSBO) listings; and Listing Cake, a free tool that agents can use to create listing videos.

Next, agents should download fizbonanza’s FSBO leads and call a caller listed on Zillow. That first call is crucial, Jones said.

When calling, the agent should ask if they can take photos and videos of the home for their out of town buyers. Below is a script that agents can follow.

The first phone call:

Script provided by Chris Jones.

Once an agent has the pictures and videos, they have to upload them to Listing Cake. Listing Cake creates a listing video of the house so the agent can show it to the seller. Then it’s time to call her back.

The second phone call:

A script by Chris Jones.

The secret tool that Jones is referring to is, a website that enables people to brand photos. Jones explained that the agent should tag the lead listing photo on Zillow with the seller’s information above. In the at the bottom you should add a line that says “Text” [ a three digit code] to [a phone number] to see a video of this house. “

The key is to get the seller to use the agent’s number or their autoresponder on the brand photo.

The agent should agree to send potential buyers on the seller’s path. This agreement allows them to collect the names and numbers of those who are not suitable for the house, also known as new leads. It’s a win-win scenario.

“Nine times out of ten they flip the Zillow list so that people are contacting you now,” Jones said.

In addition to the new lead generator the agent just created, 70 percent of FSBO sellers list an agent within two months of listing, Jones added. There is a good chance the FSBO seller will reach out to the agent again and make a list with them.

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