HS2 employees reach 20,000 milestones after one year

The latest official employment figures show how quickly the infrastructure project prepared after continuing during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Orders have already been placed with over 2,200 companies. More £ 25 billion worth of opportunities are expected to pour into the wider supply chain in the coming years.

Budget so far

Approximately £ 11 billion (actual prices) has been spent to date, including provisions for land and property. Around £ 12.6bn (2019 prices) were additionally contractually agreed, the rest has yet to be awarded.

The total budget for phase one, including Euston, is nearly £ 44.6 billion (2019 prices). This is made up of the target costs of 40.3 billion. The target costs include a contingency delegated to HS2 of 5.6 billion GBP for the management of the risks and uncertainties that are an essential part of the implementation of large projects.

HS2 measures for further qualification of unemployed people on site with training and accreditation have given 1,100 formerly unemployed people a long-term job.

Aerial view of the Chiltern Tunnel south portal of HS2 in Hertfordshire

This number is expected to increase over the coming months and years as the pace of major construction increases and the journey from HS2 extends north.

Mark Thurston, CEO of HS2, said: “We are immensely proud of the progress we have made at HS2 since the Prime Minister gave us the green light last year and despite the challenges of the pandemic.

“We have already launched our first two tunnel boring machines, more will be launched in the coming months, and the construction of our stations and depots is in full swing.”

“HS2 is advancing, creating jobs, improving skills, benefiting UK businesses and building a high-capacity, low-carbon railroad that will transform the way we travel in the UK.”

Progress on first of 10 mile Chilterns tunnels

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