“Indecent Sexual Commentary”, Religion at the Center of the New Compass Lawsuit

Ryan Huber, a Christian ethicist and former Compass Agent Experience Manager, claims a supervisor molested him because of his gender and religion. Compass says the claims are “worthless”.

A former Compass employee and Christian ethicist is suing the brokerage firm for alleged sexual harassment and religious discrimination after a manager allegedly subjected him to “lewd sexual comments” and “aggressive and hostile” on his religious beliefs.

According to the complaint, Compass hired Dr. Ryan Huber, an associate professor of ethics at Fuller Theological Seminary, joined the company’s Nashville, Tennessee office as a product expert who taught the company’s agents “how to use Compass technology to grow their business.” Do business and increase profits. “

In early 2019, a male member of the bureau’s leadership team told Huber that he “sounded sexy” when he took control of a particular call; this leader was later reprimanded. At around the same time, an employee reportedly made obscene comments during a company happy hour that went unchecked.

Ryan Huber

In February 2020, Huber’s role changed following a company restructuring and he became Agent Experience Manager reporting to Theresa Twa, an assistant regional manager. Before Huber’s change of position, he and Twa were supposedly colleagues and friends.

“MS. Twa knew that Dr. Huber was a Christian who believed that sexual intercourse was sacred and reserved for a marital relationship,” wrote Huber’s lawyers.

“Until Dr. Huber Ms. Twa reported that they respected each other and their different beliefs. Both Ms. Twa and Dr. Huber have expressed their beliefs openly and publicly, ”they added, referring to tweets from a. there Twitter account that seemed to be devoted to Twa’s other career as a comedian. After an Inman reporter contacted Twa through this account, the account was deleted. Twa’s LinkedIn account also appears to have been deleted.

In the summer of 2020, Huber was passed over for a promotion, although he was allegedly better qualified for the position, had been with Compass longer and had higher performance ratings than the selected woman.

The complaint described a one-on-one coaching session in which Twa, who is also an actress, allegedly told Huber that an acting teacher once said to her: “Theresa, the thing about you, you’re very fuckable. Use that! “

“MS. Twa went on to say that she recognized that being ‘fuckable’ was a great strength for her, and she has continued and used this in her career path,” the complaint read.

“MS. Twa told Dr. Huber to find out what his” fuckability “was. This insulting remark made Dr. Huber extremely uncomfortable, especially since he reported directly to Ms. Twa.”

Twa later mentioned actor Jason Momoa on a team call and said she would “climb him like a tree”.

“The men on the call, including Dr. Huber, sat in awkward silence after hearing the insulting comment,” the complaint said.

In the fall of 2020, Twa and another Compass colleague were discussing a nomination for the Supreme Court when Twa allegedly confronted Huber and asked, “I know you are religious and against abortion, but this is a very personal issue for me. … What do you want? Do you want to crawl into my uterus (with a wave of the hand as if reaching into her vagina)? Is it that what you want?”

In January 2021, Huber rated Twa as part of an annual performance evaluation, saying Twa “picked him because of ‘cultural issues'”. Compass fired Huber on January 15, three days after filing his complaints about Twa.

“DR. Huber was exposed to indecent sexual comments, ridiculed for his religious beliefs, and passed over for promotion,” added Huber’s attorneys. “The defendants allowed a hostile work environment to continue and resigned the plaintiff when he resigned complained about the sexual harassment and religious discrimination to which he was subjected. “

Upon his resignation, Huber signed a contract with a real estate agent to provide advisory services for $ 4,000 a month. Compass reportedly pressured that agent to end the deal, which the agent did.

The complaint alleges sexual harassment, religious discrimination, and retaliation under the Tennessee Human Rights Act, as well as unauthorized interference in business relationships under common law.

Twa has been with Compass full-time for three years and was previously on a Compass agent team, a Compass spokesperson told Inman. Twa is still employed at Compass.

In an email statement, the spokesman said: “Compass takes all allegations of this nature very seriously. We only found out about the allegations through Mr. Huber’s lawyer after Mr. Huber’s employment relationship had ended.

“Immediately after learning of these allegations, we hired an outside attorney to conduct an independent investigation, and the results of that investigation did not confirm Mr. Huber’s report. We look forward to defending ourselves against these unfounded claims. “

Huber and Twa declined to comment.

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